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Who's going and who wants to hang out with the rest of us from the club? Let's get a tally, find out where everyone's staying and perhaps plan on getting together.

The club would like to announce that we know one person who will be there to lead the BAR charge for sure. As a member of MASNA and thank you for his many years of running the club and so much more, we are taking care of Mike's (@coralreefer) airfare. For years he has shepherded this club and kept it going and this is a small, small token of appreciation. He will represent us in a sparkling new BAR T-shirt at every dive, dungeon, strip joint, and even some less savory locations if he feels it's necessary -- he may also show up at the event.

Here's the details for those who are still thinking about it (although it's Vegas, it's the penultimate reef show and you'll have friends there to help you stagger home -- so why wouldn't you go?

MACNA in Las Vegas on September 7-9. It is being held at the Westgate resort. Details can be found here.

Please let us know on this thread if you plan on attending and where you will be staying.