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We will be hosting a booth at the Silicon Valley Farmers Market on August 4th 2018. Tickets can be purchased online for $5 at
The event, as before, will be held at West Valley College in Saratoga.

For those interested in helping, additional organizational/logistical info can be found here.

We are still looking for member donations for the raffle to help raise funds for future BAR events.

Friday Night Setup: @NelsonCh , @Chromis and @Julius Chen

Booth Duty
11-12: Kim Pattison
12-1: @NelsonCh
1-2: @Ranjib Dey
2-3 : @Ashalye
3-4: @scuba71
4-5: @Chromis

Take down booth: @fishdoctor (Mike) and @Chromis