“Diversity and Evolution of Coral Reef Fishes” Lecture, Jan 24, California Academy of Sciences

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    I was hoping to attend the lecture tonight, but won't be able to make it. Sounds very interesting.
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    how was it?
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    Thanks for posting this. I could not make it but it did get me to the AofS website. I'm now a member!

    Just a little bump for the Academy, membership is $99 for individuals. This gets you unlimited entrance to the aquarium for you and a guest. One trip paying full fee would cost about $60 so if two go twice you have saved money! :)

    And it's tax deductible!!
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    Hmmm....maybe we can get Dr. Rocha to tweak it for BAR one day ?
  5. Jon, I think my expectations were a little too high and I have been spoiled by the avalanche of excellent speakers for BAR events, including the recent presentations from Matt Wandell and Rich Ross. Dr. Rocha is an good speaker and framed the lecture topic well in terms of speciation of reef fishes, and had a nice broad overview of recent academic studies conducted in species geographic distribution, phylogenetic relations, and new exploration into deep reefs. Home aquarists were definitely not the target audience. My wife does not have a biology background and managed to slip into a food-induced coma. :p That said, I enjoyed the lecture, but personally would have liked to see more of Dr. Rocha's amazing photographs and some additional details into the various niches that individual species occupy, particularly when geographic distributions overlap.

    John, so glad you became an Academy member! Now you take a +1 guest from BAR with you every weekend! :D
  6. Great idea, Jim! I believe he was presenting to WAMAS just last weekend.
  7. Video of the whole lecture available here:

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