1 or 2 halides over a 4 - 5 foot tank?

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by Gonzo, Aug 24, 2010.

  1. Gonzo

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    So each light moves 3 feet?
  2. anathema

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    I currently have ONE light over my tank. Working on setting it up with either two, or one plus supplemental on the sides of some sort because I hate both the way things are growing and the fact that one of my corals on the edge is receding.

    Also, this is a three foot tank, and the OP is considering one light over a 4 foot, so I'd encourage him to go with 2.

    Previously, I had a 40G Stretch hex and one light was ok. With a rectangle it's not.
  3. r0ck0

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    What fixture, reflector are you using, how high is it off the water?
  4. JAR

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    not quite.
    The two fixtures are over a 6 ' tank.
    Each fixture is centered 2 feet from the end.
    If I recall the fixture is 22 inches so, for the lights to get from end to end it only moves about 16 inches.
    If I wanted the very center of the bulb to be over the very end of the tank then I would need it to move 2'
  5. xcaret

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    As far as ballasts for MH, consider the newer electronic ones that you may select the wattage, if you go with 150W initially then the 150-250W or if you shoot straight for 250 and have plans in the future for 400W bulbs then the 250-400W.
    I think Lumatek is the brand.
  6. xcaret

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    I too have a 36" tank and another one on the works also 3 feet; for that other one I placed two small retro reflectors with 250W bulbs, that's way too much for a 3' tank IMO but the purpose was to have one on at certain time and try to simulate a high noon Sun by having both on for a certain amount of time, then switch off the one that lit up first to have the second MH for a shorter period of time compared to the one firing up fist; 5 hrs L-MH on, 2 or 3 hrs R-MH on; the later depending on what I want (ed), one hour of full blast or up to 2 hours.
    I could have done well with a single Lumenarc dead center then I saw a motorized rail unit and liked the effect BUT it works better on longer tanks, at least 48"
    Wish a light mover was available in a "dead snail like" speed.
  7. anathema

    anathema Supporting Member

    I had essentially planned to do what Mario is doing, with two 150W pendants side by side, running on different timers with about an hour overlap. However I am using a PFO mini pendant with a Medium Socket, not only do they not make them any more, but the SE ones are hard to find. I probably ordered the only medium socket PFO pendant ever.

    I had free electricity on Treasure Island years ago, and had a tank with 2 400W Halides, 4 55W Pc's and a 150W Halide. I staged the lights throughout the day, they were never on all at once. I had a very bright hour in the middle with both 400W Halides on, fading out to about an hour of actinics only before night. This was over a 36X15 65G tank, and it produced the best color/growth of SPS corals I've had in any of my setups, in addition to no dead spots. It was also in the middle of the bay on a windy and cold island, and if I tried to do it today I'd go broke.

    I'm currently trying to decide between a big type reflector, which might not work with the small EYE 150W SE bulb I like, or adding "wings" to my PFO pendant and adding two of the 96W Quad PC bulbs. I'm really thinking multiple sources of light is the way to go, the shading I am getting with one bulb is pretty ridiculous.
  8. xcaret

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    I just spotted one on RC, will pm you if I find it; one thing is that might be mogul instead of medium but the socket would be the least thing to worry, a quick trip to the electrical store...

    Pendants hanging off the ceiling with nice stranded steel wire look just great particularly the Sfiligoi XR something.
    Whatever rgonzalez chooses a picture will be due; going rimless ?! RC says you are, will ?
  9. Gonzo

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    xcaret: Def going rimless. That look is just so clean and I can see it now with 2 pendant MH's hanging right above it :) Man, this feels like making out with a girl for the first time - hahaha!

    I really want a 6 footer, but my new apartment just won't have space. So 4 or 5 feet is the plan. I've found classcages.com, but they only deliver to LA.

    Oh, and I'll def start a tank thread once I figure it out :)

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