100 gallon Reef Tank

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    cabnet with custom build canopy by Dan Ghormley and his coast guard crew last month all new lights 250Mh x2 and 4 acentic blue 60 watts-200# Live Rock -5-6 inch live sand bed--skimers(2extras) maxi jet 1200x 4 ( 3 back ups) show size green metalic bubble and elagance, yellow tip frogspawn, Christmas Tree Rock (yellow)various other corals,shrimp snails about 10 fish including mated pair Tomato Clowns All for less then I paid for the live rock 4 years ago $1,100 or best offer due to having to go out of town for my cancer treatment this is a must sell I do not want to sell ,but I will be gone for 6 months
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    bareefers BOD

    REMINDER this set up must be sold as I must leave by Tuesday, so I will listen to offers. I may even brake down to save the Livestock ,rocks and sand from death
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    bareefers BOD


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