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    What an incredible week so far. We have many many wonderful events that had transpired here during the last few weeks that we are so excited to share with you.

    MORE CORALS ARRIVED (11 boxes to be exact). After attending the 2012 Super Zoo event in Las Vegas for two days, we made the trek over to Los Angeles and hand picked every single pieces of the new stuff so you know every piece is top shelf. They may just green zoas, but they are SUPER green. They may be just a blue SPS, but they are SUPER blue. Yes, you see a lot of these same coral species elsewhere with our competitors but remember that there are no better way to pick out the brightest and nicest stuff without seeing them with your own eyes. This is why you came out to buy corals from us and this is the same reason why we went out of our way to get them for you. So, when you cherry pick our already cherry stock, you know you are getting the best of the best. We are confidence that our quality and selection this week is no exception so come on down and check us out again if you haven't done so. This week's new arrivals include:

    - Yellow Fiji Toadstool Leather
    - Orange Bullseye Mushroom
    - Orange Dendronepthea
    - Yellow Dendronepthea
    - Green Metallic Clove Polyp
    - Yellow Stripe Mettallic Clove Polyp
    - Aussie Green Crown Leather
    - Ultra Zoanthids (over 30 new colonies to choose from)
    - Aussie Acropora Horrida
    - "Other" Ultra Aussie SPS! too much to list
    - Ultra Acan Lords
    - Ultra Micromussa Amakusensis (very nice)
    - Ultra Echinophyllia Chalice (over 17 new colonies to choose from)
    - Ultra Aussie Yellow Torch
    - Aussie Goniostrea
    - Aussie Maze Brain Coral
    - Green Star Polyp
    - Green Pipe Organ Coral
    - Ultra Sympodium
    - Ultra Green Torch Coral
    - Crocea Clam (1.5"-2")
    - Tahiti Maxima Clam (5")
    - Green Bubble Anemone
    - And way way too much to list!

    Special fish of the week...Barrier Reef Chromis (Chromis Nitida)this is a beautiful new reef fish. They are hardy and they schools. Very limited supply on hand so hurry if you want to see them.

    KESSIL LED UPGRADES...the shop's lighting upgrade to Kessil LED is 25% completed. We now run over 30 Kessil A350/A150. Every flavors that Kessil makes so there's no better place to see them in action. Within the next two-three weeks, we are expected to use at least 60 Kessil units for the rest of the systems. The largest display of this product line in the bay area. Stop by often so you can see our progress! We love to talk about them!

    HUGE INVENTORY OF DEEP SEA AQUATICS (DSA) TANKS IN STOCK....our new 1,600 sqft warehouse is now halfway full of DSA tanks and more coming in weekly! We also have all the custom stands in stock for them. A bit higher quality than the DSA stand and taller. They are all between 32"-36" tall. We also have some DSA stands in stock as well, if you're looking for those. As for tanks, these are the models we currently have in stock:

    - Model 65 Pro
    - Model 90 Pro
    - Model 105 Pro
    - Model 135 Pro
    - Model 190 Pro
    - Model 200 Pro
    - NEO 65 Pro (rimless)
    - NEO 105 Pro (rimless)

    Finally, remember that with every purchase of a complete bare-bone system from us (tank, stand, filtration, and lighting), you are qualify for a 20% DISCOUNT ON ALL YOUR FUTURE LIVE STOCK PURCHASES (dry-goods excluded). That is a huge saving considering our already low prices on cherry picked corals. Don't miss out on this opportunity to save by buying your setup elsewhere. Loyalty pays so the more you shop with us, the more you'll save. Also, custom state-of-the-art system is our specialty. We offer full customization from cabinetry, filtration, to lighting so if you're not a DIY type of person, give us a holla, we can set you up with a perfect system. Check out some of our sample work here:


    Thank you and hope to see everyone again very soon.

    Best Regards,
    Cerissa, Robert, and The Gang

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