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How many kessils a160we (mixed reef tank)?

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  1. enaldy

    enaldy Supporting Member

    Hello everyone!
    So the built started, I know it will be a slow build due space/budget :(
    But already started few steps and also some equipment list. Feel free to comment/criticize.

    So the list:
    Planing on...

    Tank: 48x24x24 SCA 120 tank or simillar: https://www.scaquariums.com/SCA-120-Gallon-Starfire-Tank-p/sca-120g.htm

    Skimmer: SCA-302 180 Gallon Protein Skimmer

    Sump: UP36 Sumpro Sump (or will build something like this one)

    Reactors: 2 AquaMaxx Fluidized GFO and Carbon Filter Media Media Reactor XL

    Wavemaker: 2 JEBAO rw-20 and 1 Jebao Cross Flow

    Return: Jebao DCS-3000 845GPH Submersible Pump with Controller

    RO/DI: Aquatic Life 100-GPD - Thanks goes to @Kmooresf

    Two mr1 monsters reactors or 2 aquamaxx xl.
    Not sure yet.

    Maybe a Kalk reactor? thoughts?

    For the Lights question here:

    I was going to build a array of 3 (or 4) Aurora pucks from RapidLed (have one and I love the color and shimmering). But I saw that the Kessil a160we would be almost the same price (the Rapidled would be around $200 per puck, and the kessils $238).

    Do you think if 3 (or 4) kessils a160we and 2 48" t5s would be enough for the tank? Planing on a mixed reef tank.

    I know that most will say go for the kessil a360, but I am trying to keep the cost low (but keep some quality :) )

    The stand is ready (well almost), will be working on the finishing this week. Built with 2x4 all around. I will still going to have two pieces in between the top and lower frame. Here some pics:

    2017-10-08 17.02.09.jpg
    (with a little help from Andre)
    2017-10-08 17.02.36.jpg
    2017-10-08 18.51.36.jpg
    2017-10-08 18.51.40.jpg
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  2. ashburn2k

    ashburn2k Webmaster

    Ditch this "Wavemaker: 2 JEBAO rw-20 and 1 Jebao Cross Flow"
    i've replaced my jebao wave-makers so often that i'm giving up and got mp40. (3 times in a year if you ask me, and it's the big ass pp20 that only gets to run 20% power)
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  3. I really like the IceCap Gyre. So far so good. Got it on Random mode 50%

    I prefer AI or Ecotech Radion G4
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  4. enaldy

    enaldy Supporting Member

    Got it.. thanks

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  5. enaldy

    enaldy Supporting Member

    But do you think 3 kessil a160we are enough for the tank? They usually cover 24".. but not sure if it would be strong enough for some sps..

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  6. say basically 1 foot apart?
  7. Keep in mind, the middle section is going to get a lot of overlap vs. the outside 2 lights, so t he middle kessil you will want to turn it down if you want to have same PAR all over the tank, club's par meter will help you dial it in.
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  8. enaldy

    enaldy Supporting Member


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  9. enaldy

    enaldy Supporting Member

    What I am afraid is low par and not enough to keep things alive. I saw someone with two of them on a redsea 250, and everything was ok.. but you know.. never hurt to ask :)

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  10. ashburn2k

    ashburn2k Webmaster

    but damn.. this: 48x24x24 SCA 120 is my endgame tank...
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  11. enaldy

    enaldy Supporting Member

    It's a really nice tank... first time I saw was on CJ's build:
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  12. enaldy

    enaldy Supporting Member

  13. ashburn2k

    ashburn2k Webmaster

    that canopy was an eye sore.
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  14. Vhuang168

    Vhuang168 Supporting Member

    The 160s will have a hard time hitting the 24”.

    To get it to penetrate better, you will need to lower them and that will shrink the coverage, which IMO is nowhere close to 24”.

    If you like T5s, just get a 6 bulb T5 fixture and be done with it. If you want LEDs, go with with a single AP700. The ends will be darker but mixed reef is not going to really matter.

    A single a160 is over $200. A single AP700 is close to $900. But you can find used ones for $600+. Used A160s are gonna be $150 or so.

    With the AP700, you will not need the T5s. But if you like you do, can always add later.

    Spend the money on quality pumps. Especially the return.

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  15. enaldy

    enaldy Supporting Member

    Thank you for the advice... I like LEDs better due it's shimmering and longevity.. I will definitely take in consideration the pumps. I heard some good things about the jebao return pump (still looking to see if they are true thou).
    I also saw some A150w for a very reasonable price too, only problem is the lack of controls for that one.

    thank you.
  16. ashburn2k

    ashburn2k Webmaster

    I do have jebao return pump, but only use it at 20% power, afraid to use it full force and wear it out sooner, been having it running nonstop for a year now.

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  17. ashburn2k

    ashburn2k Webmaster

    And I have a dcs9000

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  18. you know since you posted the youtube video, CJ is using 2 ocean revives, 300$ and be done with it
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  19. enaldy

    enaldy Supporting Member


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  20. enaldy

    enaldy Supporting Member

    I have one ocean revive.. I really like them, but there is almost no shimmering (what I love about leds), i don't know if it's because they are on low settings.. but it's almost like t5.. Very low shimmer.. but they are awesome.

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