1st quarter special--Time to change your filters

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    1st quarter special
    Get a free TDS meter with a purchase of $50.00 and get your clubs 10% discount code as well.
    Air Water & Ice invites you to combined them for the first time !!!

    This is a friendly quarterly reminder for you to check your reverse osmosis water system's filters and membrane.

    All systems should get the filters replaced at least annually. If you have poor water to begin with, you may need to change out more often. Our high quality FilmTec membrane will last from three to five years, if the filters are replaced regularly. 
    We do appreciate your business and are happy to help in any way!

    We can be reached at sales@airwaterice.com or call us (772)461-0256

    Get A free TDS meter with the purchases of $50 or more!
    Just enter the code 99917 in the "VIEW CART" of the checkout cart.
    For the 1st time you can combined your 10% club discount code with the Quarterly Special !!
    1st enter your clubs 10% discount code which is 66903
    2nd enter the Quarterly special code 99917 to receive the free TDS meter
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