20 Gallon AIO Cube "Humble Beginning"

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  1. Enderturtle

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    It would benefit. Usually speeds up the cycling process by about 1-2 weeks. It's more for impatient people like me :)

    Some golden guidelines I follow:
    1. Don't add water/rock/sand from other people/store's tanks.
      • There are a number of pest species including aiptasia, algaes, diseases that can transfer to your own tank.
    2. Dip and inspect any rock/coral/plant from another person/store's tank before putting it in your own.
      • Same reason as above. Avoid introducing things that will eat your coral, smother your rock with invasive growth, make your tank ugly.
      • Certain things like anemones, you're not suppose to dip. Do your research if you're unsure.
    3. Acclimate corals, fish, clean-up-crew to your tank's water before putting them in.
      • Your tank's chemistry will probably be different from the person/store you pick your livestock from. You don't want to shock the coral/fish/algae.
    When I get a new coral, I inspect it for obvious pest species. Drip acclimate the coral to my tank's water condition. Dip to make sure I don't miss any pest species. Take the coral out and put it in my tank. The dip water goes into the toilet.

    If you go to the "How Does a BAR Frag Swap Work" thread in the Welcome Forum, at the very bottom I list some links to Pest Species to Avoid in a reef tank. You should be fine I think. Just monitor your cycle and add your CUC as planned. It will all work out.
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    Awesome thanks! So I have also read a lot about QT tanks. However if I am tight on space, would I be able to create a QT "bucket" with a heater and saltwater? The reason I ask is I do not think my parents would be thrilled about me setting up another tank :D and if there is a way to make a more discrete QT area, that would be ideal! Also would a week be enough after introducing the CUC to add any simple corals like xenia for instance, assuming the ammonia and nitrites were at 0? Or should I wait longer or even shorter and add them when I add the CUC?
  3. Enderturtle

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    I don't quarantine. Majority of people don't quarantine either. But quarantining is soooo helpful. I really wish I had the room/time to set up a quarantine tank.

    I'd wait a little while before adding coral. Cleanupcrew first. Watch what happens and then maybe a cheap easy coral. Then wait and watch. Then 1 fish. Maybe 2 if they're both small.

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