2019 Member Frag Swap - March 16

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By Wlachnit on Feb 9, 2019 at 8:28 PM
  1. Wlachnit

    Wlachnit BOD

    It's that time of year again...time to share cool frags with cool people! And...we are going to mix it up a bit this year and move to a new location in SF!

    Seven Stills 100 Hooper St
    San Francisco, CA 94124

    Saturday, March 16
    Admission: FREE

    • 11:00am - 12:00pm Register for the Frag Swap (Get your picking Letter)
    • 12:00 Auction and frag preview
    • 12:30pm Start Frag Swap
    • We will be having a raffle for various goodies including an Apex controller midway through the swap.
    • Street Meet Taco Truck Menu
    • Bring at least 3 different coral frags in their own clear plastic containers with lids.
    • Must be labeled with your username AND coral name AND lights used. A description of the coral would also be useful. You cannot swap if it doesn’t have this information.
    • We will be checking for unlabeled, mislabeled, sick, or dead coral.
    • Corals that cannot be used in frag swapping can be found HERE
    New for this year. If you are a member that would like to participate and find yourself with no corals to share, we have decided to let those members participate in the frag swap after the 3rd round. So, no need to buy frags from your LFS or get them from a fellow member. Given that this is a member swap, we expect plenty of frags to go around.
    Bonus Rounds
    • Bonus/Ultra coral qualification list is being updated
      • Bonus/Ultra zoanthid list is HERE
      • Bonus/Ultra SPS list is HERE
      • Bonus/Ultra LPS and Soft Cora list is HERE.
    • The bonus rounds are optional and consist of the first picking round of the swap.
    • Once you're done with the bonus round, you continue the regular swap.
    • If you want to do the bonus rounds, you need to bring at least 3 bonus corals or 1 ultra coral from the bonus round list to receive 1 Bonus Round Ticket.
    • You can receive as many Bonus Round Tickets as you want. (Example: Bringing 9 bonus round frags gives you 3 bonus round tickets)is in the process of being updated. Please check back
      • Bonus Corals strains can be repeated only ONCE.
        • Example: 1) Oompa Loompa Zoa, 2) Oompa Loompa Zoa, 3) Oregon Tort = OKAY
      • Ultra Corals strains can be repeated only ONCE.
      • 3 Bonus Corals = 1 Bonus Round Ticket or 1 Ultra Coral = 1 Bonus Round Ticket
    Auction Items can be found HERE

    Please let us know if you will attend.
    We will need a few volunteers for several tasks. Sign up HERE
    There is more info to follow....stay tuned.
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Discussion in 'Events & Announcements' started by Wlachnit, Feb 9, 2019.

    1. bondolo
      Thank you to @Solitaryensis for picking up my frags. I hope it is was a good swap!
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    2. Coral reefer
      Coral reefer
      It was good! Thank you for sending them!
    3. 2manyhobbies
      Here are the totals from the frag swap, at least those that I know of.
      52 members attended. This includes 2 new members.
      Sales from raffle tickets and t-shirt sales were about $721.00. Total money taken in from the auction is not known, but about $170 was paid with cash. Total dollar amount, not counting for PayPal payments was $891.00.
      @rygh, when you are ready to receive the cash box, let me know.

      This was a very good event with little or no complaints from the members. Also a great venue in spite of the construction and the Hindu Spring event.
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    4. sfsuphysics
      Big thanks to the BOD, and Tim for setting up this swap. Even though I wasn't participating in the swap I still got to enjoy in hanging out, talking with people, having people Respect muh authoritah!, and seeing the super colorful people participating in the Holi festival was super fun. Overall guys, good job, even if I needed a nap when I got home.
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    5. musclebenz
      I second that.. Great job!!
    6. enaldy
      It was awesome indeed

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    7. ashburn2k

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    8. Tim Obert
      Tim Obert
      Huge thanks for letting us host the event! You all were incredibly generous and I’m very happy to be a part of the group!

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    9. sfsuphysics
      Here's hoping the taco truck made enough money to make it worth being there, after one California burrito I was done for the day.
    10. JVU
      Wow, it was so great to see everyone. Sorry for starting/running late. A bit hectic but that’s what keeps it interesting :)

      HUGE thanks to Tim for hosting and putting up with us. And delicious beverages I’d like to add.

      I asked the Taco truck guy and he said they did well, I think the festival helped.

      BAR did well too! We are planning some more shared equipment purchases and interesting social events hopefully including great speakers this year, so your money will be well spent.

      Remember everyone, you need to dip all your new coral. There are lots of good ways to do it including just following the instructions on the bottle of whatever you use, but here’s a good article:
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    11. fishdoctor
      Thank you to BAR and all the volunteers and members for this event. It was a great time and I enjoyed seeing friends and familiar bar members meeting and talking to new people. Well done bod and I hope we have another event in SF again soon. Have a great weekend all. Cheers [emoji482]

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    12. Ashalye
      It was fun seeing everyone as always. Thanks!

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    13. MolaMola
      What a fun swap! Thanks to everyone who worked to plan it out. There certainly were a lot of frags being shared there. (Did anyone else park downwind of people covered in colored powder and get a colorful car? One guy was shaking his shirt as I was putting stuff in my car. He saw it fly all over then tried to wipe it off, which was a mistake. Added to the fun of the day.) Looking forward to the next event.
    14. tankguy
      Great day for a great swap. Came home with some corals. Thanks BOD and all others that made it happen
    15. grizfyrfyter
      I want to thank the BOD for organizing this event. Thank you Tim for opening your business to our shenanigans and thanks to the community for making it such a great swap. This was definitely one of the best swaps I've been to. I can't believe what was on the tables and how much of it there was. Very well organized and well done.

      Next time, I'll have some stuff to donate in advance (like the "frag life" shirt and some frag racks).

      Thanks again, it was worth the trip and it's nice to put names to faces.
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    16. juanfdezdc
      I had a lot of fun today, great to talk with so many people, awesome frags been shared and really good organization

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    17. georgec
      Thanks Tim for the generous offer to host and the BAR BOD and event organizers. It was nice being back at a BAR event for the first time in a few years.

      My daughter was really happy to pick out a Orange Leptosis and my son picked out a green hairy mushroom - he was worried it was going to get picked :)

      Great to make some new connections too.
    18. sfsuphysics
      Your daughter also has a good set of lungs as was great at calling out time between rounds... at least I think that was your daughter, if I'm mistaken I apologize. Really saves on my voice in these events, normally I'm very hoarse by the end of the event, and between Jon, Kimmie and her I hardly had to say a thing :D
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    19. Jeff Rehling
      Jeff Rehling
      I got this beauty. The bottom is fleshy. Can I glue it to a rock? [​IMG]

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    20. Solitaryensis
      Glue won’t stick to the flesh. You’ll want to rubber band it around rock or stick a toothpick through its base then rubber band the toothpick to a rock

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