28 gallon Nano-Cube HQI for sale.

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  1. I have a 28 gallon Nano-Cube HQI nano for sale that is 2 and a half years old. The reason I'm selling it is because I'm going to upgrade! WOOT! :bigsmile: The tank comes with everything you see in the pictures minus the controller. So, that's the stand, hood/leg mods, fuge light, stock pumps, rock background, and a Warning sticker :p. Also comes with a MH bulb, the bulb is pretty much brand new, I got it a month ago, the bulb is a 150 watt DE 14K Phoenix bulb. I'm asking $350 OBO(no low ballers please) or $400 which will also include live rock and gray sand. Here are a few pictures of it empty. The PVC piping was for an Eel BTW. It can also be for smaller fish? The PVC that runs under the sand is removable. The tank does have a few scratches, but its not really noticeable when filled with water. The tank will also come with a custom made clear Nimble Magnet Cleaner.

    Here are a few pictures of when I just put in the rock background(water was cloudy).(Don't mind the red markings lol) Also, all of the liverock and sand you see in there(minus the corals) will come with the tank for the $400 price.

    Here is a video of the tank before I put in the rock background.
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  2. houser

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    Moses how do I get one of those stickers?
  3. Umm... Buy the whole set up and you'll get the sticker? :p lol

    I bought mine from e-bay.
  4. Tank still available. I'll part out if you want. I can do the tank, stand, and rock background for $150 or just the tank and stand for $100.
  5. Well, the whole family was bugging me this whole time not to sell the nano because they really like it. So, I guess I'll be keeping the tank. lol Tank is now Not For Sale!
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    LOVE that back ground do you think they have one for my RSM or is it a DIY thing
  7. Thanks! Its a DIY thing. I built the rock background myself. :)

    Here is a link to the build.

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