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    Air Water & Ice, The H20 Guru. Lifetime Warranty!!

    Here we go again saving you money, read on to find out how...

    As a friendly reminder it is time for you to check your reverse osmosis water systems filters and membrane.

    All systems should get the pre-membrane filters replaced at least annually. If you have poor water to begin with, you may need to change out more often. The membrane will last from three to five years if the filters are replaced regularly.

    We like our drinking water TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) to be no more than 50 parts per million while RODI water for aquariums should be ZERO TDS.

    Here comes the savings

    You can easily check your water quality by buying our HM Digital high quality hand-held TDS meter for our everyday low price of $24.95 with FREE SHIPPING. Also, since your fish love the pure water you should too, check out our complete Under Sink RO System, now on sale for $169.95. Now with FREE SHIPPING normally costing $28.95..See details below

    We appreciate your business and are happy to help in any way!!

    Sincerely, The staff at Air Water & Ice

    We are always available at 772-461-0256 or e-mail us at www.sales@airwaterice.com

    Get Free Shipping on any purchase of $150.00 or more just by entering the coupon code #99090 at the checkout cart (This coupon cannot be used with another coupon)

    How to use this code.

    1.Add $150.00 worth of merchandise to your cart
    2 Enter Coupon code #99090 in box at bottom of cart
    3.Enter your zip code and click “GO”
    4. Select FREE SHIPPING in the shipping box

    This offers expires June 30th

    Please remember you can always save 10% off everything on our site by using your clubs discount code which is #66903

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