~30lbs cured live rock-Berkeley

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  1. MontanaBay

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    Hi All,

    Set up a new tank, have some left over live rock, nothing special, nothing ugly, rather average rock. A few pieces in the 4-6" range and a few pieces in the 8-10" range. This stuff is clean, dark cured live rocked that had been cycling in salt water for over four months. Nothing in terms of hitch hikers or algae.

    I'd guess its about 20-30lbs of rock and I'm looking for ~$2 a lbs, so $40 seems about right.

    First come first serve, its sitting on my porch, its 75*F outside and they just came from the curing tank, they are in 2x 5gal buckets filled with SW, take the buckets if you want too.

    Call me at 401-864-3499 or email josh.harmsen@gmail.com


  2. scbowla72

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    I switching up to a 100 gal next month and could use the rock....

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