72 gal Oceanic bowfront

Discussion in 'Tank Journals' started by scbowla72, Apr 20, 2009.

  1. scbowla72

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    72 gal bowfront on customized cabinet , w/ overflow, 20 gallon sump. Red sea classic skimmer, jebo uv sterilizer, koralia 4 and rio's flowing. T5's 2x10k 2x actinic plus giessmans. Tank has been stocked for 4 months with live Tongan, Marshall Island and Fiji rock and live sand.
    9 damsels
    1 clarkie(kato's)
    1 fuzzy dwarf lion
    1 chocolate chip star
    1 tiger tail
    1 cleaner shrimp
    2 emerald crabs

    large torch coral
    green bubbletip anenome
    green star polyps
    feather duster
    bright green mushroom
    purple mushroom
    nuclear green palys
    purple death palys
    devils armor zoa's
    blue orgasm zoa's
    kenya tree
    green button polyps
    bright green florida richordia
    leather toadstool

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  2. seminolecpa

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    You need to post a price in our BST forum.
  3. xcaret

    xcaret Guest

    Is it a sale or a new tank thread ?
    Might be the heat wave...
  4. seminolecpa

    seminolecpa Past President

    I am such and idiot. The heat must be getting to my brain. My bad.
  5. scbowla72

    scbowla72 Guest

    I thought I was in the right place......figures, the only feedback on my tank thread and its a friggin' mistake!!! LOL
  6. scbowla72

    scbowla72 Guest

  7. xcaret

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    I like bow-fronts a lot, specially 72's but lack of space made me go for a 46, I love the little tank the only thing is how to fit equipment under such space.

    Bryan: I thought today was Tuesday and showed up at church to pick my son from his after-school program... the heat is indeed affecting me.
  8. seminolecpa

    seminolecpa Past President

    BTW I am a graduate from a 72 bowfront. I had a love/hate relationship with it.

    Chocolate Chip stars aren't usually ideal for reef tanks from what I remember. FWIW
  9. scbowla72

    scbowla72 Guest

    I'm graduating myself up to a 100gal truvu this next month,setup should be much better than the 72
    and with new MH/VHO lighting.

    The choc star hasnt shown any signs of aggressiveness over the past 2 month he's been in there,
    but I'm watching him closely...
    thanks for the heads up
  10. seminolecpa

    seminolecpa Past President

    If he does let me know. They make great food for my harlequin ;) . I keep a couple in my fuge for feeders.

    I think you will be very happy with a rectangular tank. The bow is nice for visual and even for aquascaping but a Real PITA when it comes to taking pictures and building a canopy for any reasonable amount.
  11. scbowla72

    scbowla72 Guest

    I agree, the canopy thing has been the biggest issue for me. The tank has some scratches in it that also bother the begeezus out of me. Also the overflow takes up too much space in the tank.
    I cannot wait for the rectangular to be setup!! All I seem to have about the bow is complaints...so that tells me something.....bring in the rectangular!!! :santa: It'll be just like christmas all over again...a whole new setup!!!
  12. Eight

    Eight Guest

    Having also been a several year 72 bow veteran, I am SOO happy with rectangular tanks. The biggest problems with the bow for me were:

    1) Cramped sump space
    2) Hard to light evenly
    3) Could only really view the tank straight on. There's some weird visual distortion which for me at least reduces the viewing angle when looking at a bf. Also made it hard to photo corals well.

    That said, non-hobbyists who saw my old BF always liked it because it felt less aquariumy if that makes sense...

    I think you'll really like going rectangular. :)

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