8th- SF TANK TOUR 2013 Sunday Nov 3rd

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  1. Kmooresf

    Kmooresf Supporting Member

    Very cool day today. There is some serious talent in this club! Thanks for all the hard work to make it happen Arnold. Nice to see a lot of new members and to meet you all. See ya next time.
  2. Coral reefer

    Coral reefer President

    Bummed I missed it. Next year I should have the 225 up and bangin!
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  3. bee505

    bee505 Supporting Member

    Arnold, thanks for putting this event together. It was great to see all the beautiful tanks today. I had a blast hanging out of some of the regular folks and great to meet all the new faces.
  4. Thanks to Arnold ,John and willfort for hosting today.I have a absolute blast eating crab,picking apples ,Koi pond and of course talking about reeftank.

  5. denzil

    denzil Webmaster

    Thanks to those who were willing to show their tanks in their homes. Also, a big thanks to Arnold for arranging it and to @TopNotchCorals for providing a club discount for those who made it to the last stop on the tour.
  6. TopNotchCorals

    TopNotchCorals Sponsor

    Thanks for stopping by the shop guys and gals. We appreciate the support and look forward to meeting those who couldn't make it in the future. Look forward to supporting this club for many years to come!

    Tim & Ken
  7. denzil

    denzil Webmaster

    Here's a link to the photos I took at yesterday's tank tour.
  8. aqua-nut

    aqua-nut Supporting Member

    What a great day! Tanks to all that hosted and Arnold for setting it up. :)

    I'm bummed by the reality of my tank but inspired by what it could be some day.
  9. aqua-nut

    aqua-nut Supporting Member

    After a very busy start to my morning - skimmer going nuts, possible house water pipe break! - I had time to do a quick edit on the video I shot yesterday. Sorry, for some reason I didn't take any video of the second and fourth tanks. Guess it was an 'odd' day. ;)

    Da link -
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  10. Apon

    Apon Volunteer

    Thanks to everyone who opened up their homes to us. I always have fun with the tour. Denzil thanks for the link to the pics, but is my tank that pink to everyone elses eyes? :rolleyes: keep the pics and video coming.
  11. denzil

    denzil Webmaster

    Haha, that's straight out of the camera. I don't adjust the WB at all and just use the auto white balance feature.
  12. sfsuphysics

    sfsuphysics Supporting Member

    Someone asked Patrick if he liked his doser, does anyone remember the brand of it? I want to say Bubble Magus but I've seen other ones come out that look almost identical.
  13. Mark SF

    Mark SF Supporting Member

    Thanks to everyone who so graciously offered their time and fantastic reefs!

    It was a pleasure meeting everyone, look forward to the next event.

  14. F6553066

    F6553066 Guest

    Thank you John and your wife for setting up the pot luck. Your tank is great. Also, thanks to all who showed their tanks. They are all very beautiful. since I am new to the club I enjoyed meeting everyone. I wish I could remember everyone's name.
  15. anathema

    anathema Guest

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  16. tr1gger

    tr1gger Keyboard Cowboy

  17. Kmooresf

    Kmooresf Supporting Member

    Great pics Denzil and Gusty!
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  18. those photos of @JAR 's house look like they belong on a postcard
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  19. denzil

    denzil Webmaster

    Haha, thanks. I think I could do better... those were just some really quick shots since I was pretty late to the party. :)
  20. anathema

    anathema Guest

    Your shots turned out very nice Denzil, I was sad that I forgot an SD card at home and didn't get to photograph JAR's place.
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