90 Gallon Mixed Reef

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    Color blend is similar to the AI Sol Super Blue. 18 cool white, 16 royal blue, 16 blue. I also have 4 royal blue moonlights (low wattage LEDs) that come on during peak lighting as well as morning and evening.

    Aside from the coral color pop, the overall crisp look of LED/MH just looks sooo much better than T5 IMO. I thought about adding more LEDs to my strings for additional intensity, but the heat from my LEDs is already greater than my old T5 setup and summer heat waves are a limiting factor when you dont want a chiller. My T5 setup was using 216 watts while my LEDs are using 150 watts and heating up my tank more so than the higher wattage T5s. This speaks directly to the efficiency of LEDs to put light into the tank!
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    Thanks. It's been a relatively short journey for me, in which so many others have already made. I feel fortunate to have entered into reefkeeping when i did with so many advances already made, along with the rapid development of LED lighting. SPS are so rewarding to grow because of the length of time it takes to grow them. It's a challenge to maintain tank stability over months and years and SPS growth is what you have to show for it.

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