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Discussion in 'Other Reef Talk' started by tankguy, Apr 2, 2017.

  1. tankguy

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    So Im going to add another tank ( Fish only ) and I can fit a 72 inch in my spot or jam a 96 inch ( which only leaves me about 10 inches between this new tank and my reef. ) Both will be in my garage. Over which brand to use. Marineland has a 300G i like and Im looking at others as well. Glasscage has a variety of custom tanks available. CL always has something as people are always getting out of the hobby. Since its going to be fish only I dont have to go anything too crazy. Just want a good amount of room for fish to swim. As far as cost is concerned I also dont want to go too crazy. Seen a lot up to $3000 and even more. Pretty much don't want to go below a 240G. Good thing is this isnot happening tomorrow so I have time
  2. Pfft. There will be corals in there within a month of set-up. :)
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  3. Coral reefer

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    Any must have fish you're planning on for this?
  4. Yeah --- coral like fish. It's all a ruse to convince the significant other that there won't be more coral bills coming in. It's brilliant!
  5. yellojello

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    For selling/buying used stuff, I've been finding Facebook market becoming much more active
  6. tankguy

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    Marble wrasse for sure. When I moved last time I gave mine to Jimmie. It's all grown up now so I want to get another small one. And Bruce that's a good one. But I said from day one when we bought this place I am getting 2 tanks. One reef and the othe FO
  7. tankguy

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    I've seen that as well but I like a lifetime warranty to come with this one. I will admit it's much cheaper to buy used than new. I've seen some 240's in the Sac area
  8. Kensington Reefer

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    Spend the money for a new tank...get the warrenty!!

    Do the 8' or 7' tank can be had
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  9. rygh

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    At that size, custom is not so different from standard, so go with 7'
    Also go deep!

    Sounds like a fun project.
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