Achilles Tang, thoughts?

Discussion in 'Fish and Invertebrates' started by h20player101, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. h20player101

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    So, I have been thinking about getting one. LA has one for sale right now, and if I am going to be buying one, they are basically the only place I will go. What are your guys thoughts on this fish? Besides being incredibly difficult to keep disease free, it seems like the biggest problem is getting it to eat food, which I feel LA would take care of. I would be putting it in a 150g, with no other tangs (unless anyone has a suggestion that won't cause too many problems). The tank will eventually be more clown oriented, with anemones being the second focus. I won't be doing any of this for at least 2-3 months, but it is such a pretty f'ing fish. It's so fluffy I could die!!!
  2. iCon

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    A mixed diet is extremely important
  3. tuberider

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    They are one of the tangs that likes strong flow, IME it helps to stimulate feeding.

    Treat them like a powder blue tang and you may be able to pull it off, they are very tricky though..
  4. treylane

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    FWIW - I've received fish from Diver's Den that didn't seem to be trained on prepared foods (either frozen or pellets/flake), so don't expect LA to be quite a slam-dunk.

    Orange-shoulder tangs are have a slightly less dramatic color scheme, but they're a little less hyperactive and flimsy.
  5. tonggao

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    I have a Achilles for about a year and half. Like Jeremy said, they need a lot of current. Mine actually spend most of time doing fast swiming around the inlet/outlet of one of the Vortech. Feeding is important. Mine eat a lot, and get thin pretty fast if I go slow on nori for a little while. Thirdly, it is almost impossible to make it ich free. I have about 15 fish in a 120G tank (I know, too many fish), and no other fish have any ich, yet the Achilles will have it from time to time, especially when it did not get aboundant amount of food. Lastly, I have it with many 14 other fish with no problem. It is significantly smaller than a yellow tang I have in the tank, and the yellow tang was trying to do damage on it. But it is a much faster swimmer, so no big damage was done.
  6. yellojello

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    QT is highly recommended. I lost mine a few weeks ago. It battled ich for 2 1/2 months. I setup my QT, but a little to late to transfer him over in time.

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