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  1. goldenboy

    goldenboy Guest

    Hi Guys I know I'm new here but the cool thing is I'm local so wanted to give you guys first dibs before I toss this up on craigslist.

    Gonna sell everything in person and in SF.

    I have 6 Hydra 52 for sale slightly used for 3 months
    Asking for $425 each all are in black still working perfect. PRICE ADJUSTED ASKING $400 each 5 LEFT

    I have two 8 foot long x 4 foot wide x 1 foot tall reef tanks acrylic like brand new used for 6 months no coraline algae already plumbed and drained. No visible large scratches super clean. They have a black bottom and black overflow box and the wall with the over flow box is black because the tanks were sitting back to back. Comes with plumbing parts. The over flow is plumbed with two 2 inch bulk heads and the return is topped plumbed with two 1 1/2inch returns so if you wanted to bottom plumb the return its still a option you can do. I'll throw in the pain painstakingly made black egg crate stands for free. Thinks its 8 or 10 egg crate stands per tank. The acrylic is 1/2 inch thick on top and 3/8 inch thick for the body. Its a open top peninsula style reef tank about 250-300 gallon per tank.

    Asking 2k for each tank individually they originally cost $2,800 think tru vu has them for 2800 with out the plumbing and black bottom excluding tax. Also I'll included 150 gallon rubber made sump cost around 175-200 shipped. SOLD !!!!!!!!!

    Also have a about 400 pounds of pukani rocks $2 bucks a pounds originally they would cost $4 a pound SOLD !!!!!!!!

    Have 3 300 watt heaters the Jager Ehiem use for 3-4 month asking $20 bucks each

    I have 2 reef octopus skimmers they originally cost 400-500 asking $200 OBO

    Have two 5 gallon buckets of crushed corals asking $30 per bucket

    have a tru vu 80-100 gallon acrylic tank with stand and canopy brand new unused for $200.00 the tank back side is a little big for the stand like 1 inch but if you put a piece of wood you should be good.

    Also have 1/8 hp external pumps asking for $80 dollars originally 150 -180 per pump. SOLD !!!!!!

    toss me a pm any time i'll try to get back to any responses asap

    Best regards

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  2. siokoy

    siokoy Supporting Member

    Interested in the hydra.... Will pm you

  3. nly04

    nly04 Guest

    I just got three heaters and couple rock. Bump for Goldenboy. Happy Reefing.
  4. Jeremy

    Jeremy Guest

    Any pics of the smaller truvu?

    sent from my note 4
  5. goldenboy

    goldenboy Guest

    Bump sold some stuff

    8 foot frag tanks x 2 sold !!
    external pumps sold !!!
    400 pounds of Dry rock sold !!!!
    1 hydra 52 Sold !!!
    3 ehiem 300 watt heaters sold !!!!

    Whats left

    tru Vu Aquarium with stand retailed at over $400 selling it for $200 brand new still in plastic wrap.
    1 Ehiem 300 Watt heater 20 bucks
    2 reef octopus skimmers used asking for 175 each think they are worth 400 retail

    will post pics and specs

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  6. goldenboy

    goldenboy Guest

    heres some more pics with measure ments

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  7. goldenboy

    goldenboy Guest

    Also Have 5 AI hyrda 52 left in black with little home made hanging kits so they will be say to mount. All in original boxing probably been use for 3 months. Was asking for 425 each price reduced to $400 each

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