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Discussion in 'Group Buys' started by jT415Gz, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. jT415Gz

    jT415Gz Guest

    This Group Buy needs 5 people and two have confirmed "In".
    As I was told, this Group Buy is for an AI Vega w/Controller at retail price with a $50 discount, no state tax.
    So, I estimate the total cost to be roughly around $530.
    Receipt will be given as proof of purchase and warranty validation.
    I believe it is cash only and you can inspect the products before making the transaction in person, at time of pickup.

    Contact Zoasman here if you have questions or for more info.

    So who is interested?? :)

    This is not my Group Buy. I'm merely posting it here in case someone is interested in obtaining an AI Vega.
  2. dswong01

    dswong01 Supporting Member

    Who is the group buy vendor?
  3. jT415Gz

    jT415Gz Guest

    have no idea. Pm the OP within the link for more info.
  4. sfsuphysics

    sfsuphysics Supporting Member

    Geeze Dudley you get yourself a fancy new fixture now look where you're going :)

    BTW I thought the Vega retailed for $499? Or is the controller not part of the lighting setup?
  5. jT415Gz

    jT415Gz Guest

    Good question there. The Controller is an optional accessory which is the "brain" of the Ai Vega to be fully functional. So in other words, it is pretty much mandatory to have the controller in order for the owner of an Ai Vega to have complete functionality. Otherwise, you would only have 20% increments to control the intensity of the LED's at the Ai Vega unit only. Retail is $499 for the Ai Vega and $79 for the Controller. If you have an Apex system, that would be able to control the Ai Vega too, like it's predecessor, the Ai SOL.
  6. aqua-nut

    aqua-nut Supporting Member

    You sure about that? On the Reef Central Neptune forum the gurus don't think this can be done. I'll repost a quote from AI website that was posted on RC:

    quote begin...
    Vega and Third-party Controllers

    Our proprietary wireless protocol allows us to have the greatest level of control over each LED. Its proprietary nature, however, makes interfacing with third-party controllers difficult. We will work with various manufacturers in an effort to support their controllers, but our primary focus is to provide the best user experience, which we can only ensure by using an AI controller. Availability and time frames will be announced as appropriate.
    quote end...

    The Vega communicates wirelessly with it's controller. The Neptune VDM (AI Sol interface) is not wireless.

    There might be a Neptune module in the works but who knows if or when it'll be real??

    We need to get Apple interested in products for reef tanks. I'm sure they would come up with a fine integrated system to handle all aspects of reef keeping! :)
  7. jT415Gz

    jT415Gz Guest

    Ah okay. Well that kinda sucks then. Making the Ai Controller even more mandatory then ever.
    The look of the Ai controller does have some Apple-ness to it doesn't it? :p
    Maybe the idea of its visual appearance was borrowed somehow.... lol

    Appreciate the clarification!

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