Algae Scrubber Success.

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by Bruce Spiegelman, Dec 17, 2018.

  1. Some people say romance with roses. I do it with decaying nuisance algae.
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    A truly inspired Hallmark moment!

    "Honey, I love you, here look at this!"
    "You had me at 'decaying'
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  3. Thought I'd give a little update. Original photo and cleaning from this thread was Dec. 17. Just cleaned it again o the 27th. So a ton of nutrient export in then days. I probably could have gone another few days, but it appears it "fills" up about twice a month which is much faster than reefers have to harvest Chaeto. . Cleaning takes 5 minutes.

    IMG_1054.jpg IMG_1055.jpg
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    Yep, that is some serious nutrient export.
    Might help O2/CO2 as well.
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    Combining recent threads, @Flagg37 needs to design us an algae scrubber wall
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    @Bruce Spiegelman Do you have a pic of it over your AIO equipment section? Is it plumbed like a little skimmer?
    So does all that algae just pull out nitrates and phosphates or a bunch of other elements? This is on your Triton method tank?
  7. It literally straddles and sits above the rear chambers. A small pump in the main rear section moves water into it and then there's a PVC pipe on the other side that drains back into the chamber. As to what the algae pulls out it's the same things that this type of algae uses as the building blocks to grow. That's mostly nitrates and phosphates and probably a very small amount of some elements just like Chaeto in a refugium does -- just more efficiently. I have two operating. One on a Triton tank and the other on this tank which isn't Triton (yet.)

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