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    I received the replacement regent for the Hanna Alkalinity Tester. Today I conducted a test and the reading was 104 ppm. I figured my reading would be low as I had not added alkalinity liquid in a few days. I then added 1 oz of liquid and waited three hours. I then tested again and it read 89 ppm, so I did a repeat test and it read 82 ppm. Now I am beginning to wonder if the replacement regent is any good. I have also added magnesium today and will test again this evening. Calcium was added yesterday. I have not tested for calcium, but will do all of the tests this evening.

    So, any guesses as to why alkalinity is testing lower and lower?
  2. Vhuang168

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    106ppm is 5.93dkh! 82 is 4.59!

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    I got mine yesterday and will test tomorrow... I will let you know what I find... But I will also be testing against a red sea test kit

  4. Vhuang168

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    I tested mine n it came very close to my recalled one. The issue was the reagent would interact with the plastic insert under the cap. Mine was stored vertically once I opened it so it stayed accurate.

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  5. 2manyhobbies

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    I just did a test at 4:30pm. Ca was 366. A little low but I will compensate tomorrow. Alk rose to 92 ppm or 5.152 dkh. Mg was 1440 ppm which is a bit too high, but I added this about an hour before. I will test again tomorrow after everything has settled down. I am also due for a tank cleaning and water change tomorrow. We shall see what the results are after that. Thanks for your input.
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    The WC should definitely help.
  7. 2manyhobbies

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    I conducted a water change and cleaned the tank of unwanted diatoms and hair algae at 12:30pm. At 5:30pm, the results of testing were: Mg: 1425, Ca 379 ppm, Alk 103 ppm or 5.768 dKH. I added 1 oz or 27 ml alkalinity and will add 1 oz of Ca in the morning.I will then add 1 oz Alk on Tue morning and test on Tue afternoon/evening. The corals look good and the birds nest coral, which I killed most of is starting to come back. I found some frags that still had some life on them and am culturing those. The rest of my corals look good and are quite robust. Let's hope that getting the Alk up to its normal range along with the Ca will generate new growth.
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    I have been test every day since the WC. Mg is 1410 and slowly going down. Alk is 6.99 dKH. I have been adding Alk almost every day. Ca was 371 so will add more tomorrow. Corals look great though have had to move some since sweeper tentacles from the frog spawn are trying to kill one of them. I will keep on this until I get the parameters up-to-par. Then it should be easier to keep them there. Thanks for all of your help.
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    The addition of either Mg or Ca both have the affect of lowering Alkalinity. That may explain the Alkalinity behavior you were seeing in your initial testing.
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    Uhh, is this true?

    It may reduce the relative ratio of alkalinity compared to Ca or Mg, but unless you have some strange situation where as soon as you add Calcium or Magnesium it immediately precipitates out into Calcium carbonate or magnesium carbonate, I do not think it will lower your alkalinity.

    If I am wrong, I would love to learn about this phenomenon.
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    +1 new to me

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