All we can say is THANK YOU!!!!!!

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    WOW!!!!! What a turnout...............................

    Let me start of with a huge thank you to the members off CVR, RARE, NVR, CRC, MARS, BAR, FRAG and all the solo reefers that came out to support the 3rd annual swap. We tallied up the head count for participants and we hit 144, that’s almost double last year. We had an amazing raffle that brought in a good amount of money that will be put to good use. The kids in Mr Rutherford class will be excited to see how much your support did for them.

    When we arrived at the swap it was me, wife, wade and our Guest Thomas Brown. Were we met within minutes of people who showed up to help such as myke (sante210) Blaise, Mario, Evelyn, and David. These bisted their butts for about a solid hour before the next set of crew members arrived to help out. This next group was my dad, sister, her fiance, Sergio (saltwatersig) Robin (fingerwrinkles),and a few more im having a brain fart right now. Over all without a group like this bustin their butts we couldnt do anything like this. You guys rock!!!!

    We were planning to have that many people participate this year so for everyone that worked with us as we tried to make the event run as smooth as possible, THANK YOU!!!

    I want to send a special thanks to Thomas Brown for doing his magic and helping us make this a swap to remember. I also would like if you guys took a moment to locate his YouTube channel and follow. He is a stand up guy trying to do right in the hobby. Also check out Mr Rutherford class page (both links below) and check out how they use the tank for more than just eye candy for the kids.

    Last but not least lets not forget every company who participated by donating those amazing prizes that a few of you were lucky enough to win....

    • Alga Gen

    • Reef Angel

    • Kessil

    • Real Reef

    • Sea And Reef

    • Coral Frenzy

    • Continuum

    • Reef Nutrition

    • Rods Food

    • Marineland

    • Aqua Maxx

    • AquariumTek

    • BSI

    • J6estersix

    • Hikari

    • Red Sea

    • Frag A Rack

    • Instant Ocean
    Just one more time---------Thank you all for the support and keep and eye out on our Facebook page and website for the video from Thomas Vision Reef.

    Diablo Corals

    Thomas Brown

    Mr. Rutherford Class
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    I had a great time and it was for a GREAT cause. Keep them youngster reefing!
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    Good times sir

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