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Discussion in 'Neptune Aquatics' started by robert4025, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. gotcha...thanks.
  2. Ibn

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    Got stuck at work today and couldn't make it. :(
  3. [quote author=robert4025 link=topic=6536.msg84035#msg84035 date=1235514635]
    [quote author=reefermadness link=topic=6536.msg84032#msg84032 date=1235514434]
    that blue is amazing. i want a frag, how much?

    We have frags of it starting at $10!

    still have these? thinkin of making a trip there today..
  4. Gomer

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    AFAIK, xenia are very sensitive to alk issues and melt. You may want to keep that in mind since you are running an abnormal alk tank.
  5. i have lots of xenia in my tank, all growing, albeit slower than normal, but still growing.
  6. tuberider

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    They also do not like temp spikes IME, even more so than Alk issues.
  7. well, my temp i keep consistent with my heater. around 76 or so. i use a rena heater. 2-150 watts.
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    Edit... Gotcha Phong... Thanks
  9. Elite

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    That's Andy (fishme) post Jeff.. He didn't quoted it right..
  10. 70Cuda

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    Sorry Robert and Cerrissa for hijacking your thread...

    But while we talking about zenia... agree they dont like temp spikes or unstable alk
    Mine still unhappy with latest power outtage I had.
  11. 70Cuda

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    On a positive note. Thanks for the ORA peices that were sold to me. Such nice size frags and very very healthy. I highly recommend anyone to buy from this store.
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    [quote author=tuberider link=topic=6536.msg85113#msg85113 date=1235764094]
    They also do not like temp spikes IME, even more so than Alk issues.

    Temp is a natural cue for them to die. If they didn't have that cue the reefs would be over run with xenia :lol: IME/IMO it's low PH, not ALK, that also does them in :D

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