Anthellia Losing Tentacles/Sweepers?

Discussion in 'Coral' started by Euphyllia, Feb 20, 2010.

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    Fixed! :D
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    I love this thread!
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    I hate to derail this fine thread but I was wondering how Euphyllias new corals were doing? Sorry!
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    A little tribble with his yumas.
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    The yumas that I got last month were having some issues but the ones I got last night from you are doing great. The green bay packers zoas opened up about 10 minutes after I finished acclimating them. The red mushroom with the white bumps opened up this morning and seems fine. The orange zoa frag that you made for me has opened up. There were a few of them that were about half way on the rock, so when I placed them in the tank last night I made sure that I had the part hanging off of the frag placed onto part of my rock structure, and over night they attached themselves and they are open. I'm going to try to come again this upcoming weekend to check out any new stuff you get. :)
    I'll try and take some pictures soon.
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    I feel like this should be back in the active section! :)
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