Anybody have an old 400w halide ballast&bulb for rent(few days) or cheap sale?

Discussion in 'Resources' started by DapG8Gt, Aug 20, 2014.

  1. DapG8Gt

    DapG8Gt Guest

    Looking to test out a reflector on a new cube (aqua Exotic display) and wanted to see if this reflector a friend let me have will give decent par in the tank with a single 400w bulb. The reflector is really wide (Magnum xxxl for plants) so I'm not sure it's going to perform so I'd rather test one out before I spend the money on a new ballast/bulb and it fail..

    Glad to buy one on the cheap or I could either pay cash for rental or give a sps frag or two.. I also have some zoas that are ready..much appreciated =).

  2. Kensington Reefer

    Kensington Reefer Supporting Member

    I might
    PM me
    I'll check tomorrow
  3. Finnaddict

    Finnaddict Guest

    I have a dual 400W PFO ballast with 1 blown channel you can have for a frag
  4. DapG8Gt

    DapG8Gt Guest

    Where are you located?

    Thanks to the people that responded to me and I dropped the ball on adding to the thread that my preference is somewhere on the peninsul/sf for pick up. I should have said that in the op as I did in the rc thread. I apologize for the confusion but I really can't travel too far to get this and then return it.
  5. Finnaddict

    Finnaddict Guest

    I am in Pleasanton.
  6. DapG8Gt

    DapG8Gt Guest

    Thanks for the offer finnaddict but I found one..

    Thanks for the offers and generosity from the members. I found a ballast from an old friend who has been out of the game for a while and is glad to get it out of his garage =).. That along with some other stuff, with that I'm not so sure this "free" deal is so free anymore lol.. .

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