Anyone interested in a LiveAquaria groupbuy?

Discussion in 'Group Buys' started by javisaman, Jul 13, 2013.

  1. javisaman

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    I'm looking to get a few fish and my total only comes out to $80. If anyone is interested on joining in on an order with me to save on shipping let me know. The sale for the fish is only for this week so I'll likely order them soon either way.
  2. denzil

    denzil Webmaster

    Awesome idea and thanks for offering. I currently don't have anything in my sights to help you save on shipping but perhaps some other members will.
  3. javisaman

    javisaman Guest

    I'm located in San Mateo, CA if anyone else is interested.

  4. Shoot, I just placed my first ever order with LiveAquaria on Wednesday, for an unobtainable fish. The fish arrived on Friday, quadruple-bagged in a good amount of water (the box weighed 6 pounds, so my guess is 2/3 of a gallon after accounting for box weight), and started eating the same day.

    Despite the positive experience, I still prefer to work with our LFSs for livestock. The LFSs (and BAR ;) ) are going to be the ones providing immediate relief if/when you need help. For instance, Aqua Exotic is in your neighborhood and IIRC Matt purchases almost exclusively from Quality Marine and has excellent biosecurity protocols.
  5. javisaman

    javisaman Guest

    In general I prefer to work with LFS as well. I've familiarized myself with most of the good ones in the bay area. Aqua Exotic is certainly a fantastic place to buy livestock from, however, I prefer to buy certain species from LA because of some negative experiences from purchasing from some of these LFS. Anthias in particular seem to be coming in with flukes (something I didn't notice until it was too late). Though I should have quarantined.
  6. Quarantining is an absolute necessity, especially for wildcaught sources!

    With captive bred fish, I can usually get away with a 8-week QT without medicating, unless symptoms show up.

    For wildcaught fish, I like the double-header of chloroquine phosphate @ 15mg/L plus a standard dose of Prazipro (which should rid the flukes). So far my experience with chloroquine phosphate is overwhelmingly positive - unlike copper it has no impact on the biological filter and the efficacy/concentration of the dosage does not decrease over time, nor does it cause any changes in fish eating habits. :)
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  7. javisaman

    javisaman Guest

    Yes, I agree. All of my new additions will be quarantined.
  8. scuzy

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    Anyone got good source for chloroquine phosphate? 50 bucks for 25g is pretty steep.

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