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Discussion in 'Equipment' started by MolaMola, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. MolaMola

    MolaMola Supporting Member

    How do I let heaters control themselves with built-in thermostat if they are plugged into EB8?

    Return pump offline, so DT is running just as a box of water with no sump. Moved heaters into DT. Temp probe in sump. Thought heaters could just fly solo without Apex for the weekend, but forgot they are plugged into EB8. Not sure what to do. (Maybe call security and get into school to move probe into DT.)
  2. Flagg37

    Flagg37 Supporting Member

    you can program those outlets to always be on. It might be easier to just plug them into a different outlet instead of fiddling with your current programming.
  3. sfsuphysics

    sfsuphysics Supporting Member

    Yup, just turn the outlet on. If your Apex is connected to the internet you can do that from home.
  4. jonmos75

    jonmos75 Supporting Member

    Mike @sfsuphysics is correct as long as you know that you have set the temp cutoff on the heater correctly. This way you don't need to re-program the heater outlet programming.

    I program my heaters thermostat .5 of a degree higher then my Apex prograrmming so that I have this option or if an outlet was to fail ON it will not effect the tank temp.
  5. JVU


    It all depends on how you have the temp set on the heaters.

    If you have the temp on the heaters set at a good tank temp, like within a couple degrees of your normal temp, you’ll be fine since the sump temp will be low without any heaters or flow, turn the Apex outlet on, and then they will be controlled by their own settings. You can check Apex fusion to make sure that sump temp is low and heater outlet is on remotely.

    If you have the temp on the heaters set dangerously high (or don’t recall what they are set to) and were just letting Apex control them, they are likely frying your tank right now and you better get in there ASAP.
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  6. MolaMola

    MolaMola Supporting Member

    Thanks, everyone! I was worried that Apex ON could somehow override the heaters' thermostats. Then I thought, no, it's just a regular outlet at that point. But then I thought like @JVU haha - couldn't remember what temp the heaters are set at, so ran down and called security to disarm the building. All was well, fortunately. Decided to move temp probe to tank, but had to deal with growth on probe, probe doesn't fit thru Neptune holder and didn't want to disconnect probe cord because it's within a big wrapped cord umbilicus, had to pull sensor wires out of hooks, couldn't access the back of the tank from that side, etc. Another ridiculous obstacle course to accomplish a simple task. Again, it all worked out and things are fine, so I then headed off to the CFM. (Yet more fixing up awaits me on Monday.)
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  7. sfsuphysics

    sfsuphysics Supporting Member

    Well if you couldn't remember what the heater's themostats were set at then you need to re-exam that setup, let your Apex do the on/off of the switch, and then have the heaters be a bit more than that as a fail safe (like probe some how coming out of tank).
  8. MolaMola

    MolaMola Supporting Member

    Yep, I do need to know what heaters are set at! I'm pretty sure it's just what you said for safety, but pretty lame I am not certain.
  9. JVU


    I’m glad you didn’t have coral/fish/invert soup :)
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  10. Wlachnit

    Wlachnit BOD

    My personal preference is to let Apex control the heaters rather than trust inferior thermostats in heaters (that have a habit of going wonky after awhile)
  11. Flagg37

    Flagg37 Supporting Member

    That’s what I do too but it’s good to set the heater thermostat a little higher to add an extra layer of redundancy.
  12. jccaclimber

    jccaclimber Supporting Member

    Same here. Also protected me when I managed to set one of my heaters to read my air temperature probe and not the water temperature probe.
  13. MolaMola

    MolaMola Supporting Member

    I also have air temp probe, just so I know if climate control has quit so I am warned before a big water temp change occurs. Looking forward to getting everything in order again next week.

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