August 08 financials

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    Attached are the post-swap financials

    Items to note:

    Bar member T-Shirts-9 L and 12 XL shirts (any profit on t-shirts to be contributed to Feb members only swap currently at about $67 net profit not including potential for future shirt sales). No costs capitalized on the balance sheet.

    Supply sales: Glue 92 tubes (included in inventory on balance sheet), still have some inventory on frag containers but I have written the costs off for financial statement purposes

    Swap Details:
    There are still a few missing expense items from the swap for which I am waiting on receipts though I don not expect them to be material. Currently we are net positive on the swap (not including raffle sales) of approximately $290 (though again I expect this amount to decrease for additional costs)

    Raffle Income:
    $1121 compare to an average of $400 per regular meeting and $950 from the members only swap.

    Questions or comments please contact me.

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