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    We just received another fantastic new shipment of really nice corals!

    - Echinophyllia Watermelon Chalice
    - Green Pectina Chalice
    - Ultra Wall Hammer Coral
    - Ultra Torch
    - Ultra Frogspawn (Euphyllia Cristata)
    - Gold Lobophyllia
    - Green Stylophora
    - Purple Acropora (Look kinda like GARF Bonsai)
    - Over 50 new pieces of SPS! too much to list.
    - Ultra Blastomussa (WOW!)
    - Super Green Favites
    - Super Green Favia
    - Borbonius Anthias (small and eating pellets)
    - Sea Hare
    - Red Mushroom
    - Rose Anemone

    This week will be an epic week of new goodies so stay tuned for more amazing stuff to come.
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  3. robert4025

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    That first blasto should obviously be mine $)

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