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    So I never dosed B-Ionic before so i have some questions.

    I am currently doing ULNS system so I keep my Alk levels at 7 Dkh. My corals have been consuming more and dropped my Alk to 5.7 dkh. I used the BRS calculator and says I need to dose 297.1 ml of Sodium Bicarbonate Alk (B-Ionic) to reach my desired level.

    Now my question. Should i dose the full 297.1 ml all at once to reach that level of 7 dkh? or do add it in smaller increments so it doesn't stress the corals because of the sudden Alk spike?

    16 days ago my levels were at 6.6 dkh and today its at 5.7 dkh (Not considering all the corals ive added since then)

    Anyone dose manually for now and can help me with this?
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  2. Flagg37

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    I've got no experience with dosing but it does seem logical to do it slowly.
  3. Enderturtle

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    Definitely dose it in small increments. Sudden alkalinity spikes will result in some dead corals.

    Some people drip it in small increments throughout the day. In the past, I've dosed 15mL of 2 part alk/calcium to my display and sump without any problem.

    I'm also having low alkalinity issues (but all my coral look great) with my tank but I've decided to stick with water changes. Since a couple months ago, everytime I dose 2 part alkalinity, my pH stays high and I lose my high end zoas.

    @Vhuang168 any input on dosing 2 part?


    Thanks guys. Should I dose Mag first before dosing Alk? my Mg is at 1200
  5. Enderturtle

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    According to randy holmes farly the ideal magnesium range is 1250 to 1350ppm.

    I prefer to keep magnesium at 1300ppm

    Yeah Id brinng magnesium up first.
  6. Vhuang168

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    I think your mg @ 1200 for a 7dkh is fine.

    You are not consuming that much alk if you only drop 1.1 dkh in 16 days.

    Calculate how much Alk you need to maintain the Alk drop, then calculate how much you need to raise the Alk to the level that you want in a time frame, say 1 week. Add both amounts together then try to dose in as many small amounts as you can through the day.

    I would test every day at the same time and see if the Alk is coming up slowly.

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  7. aqua-nut

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    From the BRS calculator:
    "Avoid increasing alkalinity levels more than 0.5meq/lt or 1.4 dKH per day, if necessary spread the suggested dose out and test between doses."

    The calculator for CA and Mg have similar limits per day.
  8. Coral reefer

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    Mg should be 3:1 with ca.
  9. Coral reefer

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    Id bring mg and alk up slowly at the same time. Wheres your ca at? Mg should be 3:1 with ca


    Okay so last night i dosed 10ml of alk. Tested today and my Alk is now 6.5dkh. so 5.6 to 6.5 over night by doing 10ml of Alk 2 part? Luckily i didnt follow the BRS calculator and dose 72mls x 2


    My Mag is at 1210ppm just checked right now and Cal is at 395
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  12. Vhuang168

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    Okay fellas heres my Alk par:

    After adding 10mls 2part

    2/16 - 6.5
    2/17 - 7.2
    2/18 - 7.056
  15. aqua-nut

    aqua-nut Supporting Member

    Assuming the tests are correct, you are using Alk in excess of the dosing.

    Really good you didn't dose the calculated 297.1 ml! My guess is the calculator is for some other (much less) concentration of Alk.

    Did the calculator Vincent posted give similar amounts?


    Haha true omg if i dosed 297ml i woulda just crashed my whole system and resort back to Fresh water lmao

    The calculator vince posted gave less amounts but im assuming that they are all still giving me total amounts not per dose so i need to figure out how much my tank is consuming. I like where my levels are at right now so i will just start with 1ml and work it from there.
  17. Vhuang168

    Vhuang168 Supporting Member

    The amount they give you is the total amount you dose. Just divide it by how many doses you do. If the calculator says 10ml and you do 2 doses then dose 5ml each time.

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    my alk is 7.056 right now which is perfect. It was 7.2 yesterday but how to keep it like that I need to figure out.
  19. Vhuang168

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    How big is your tank? Water volume - rock, sand etc

    If your measurements are correct, your tank uses up 0.15 dkh everyday.

    Though your previous measurement shows a 0.7 uptake.

    Plug that into the calculator, take what they give you and divide it by how many times you dose in a day and that is what you dose.

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    Okay thanks. Im currently dosing manually right now so i can do 2 small doses per day if possible one in the morning and one at night until i get an automatic doser.

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