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  1. cwolfus

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    BAR Election update

    The nomination committee presented the following candidates at the 10/11 meeting:

    - President, Charles/cwolfus
    - Vice President, Jeremy/Tuberider
    - Treasurer, Bryan/SeminoleCPA
    - Recorder / Secretary, Steve/Patchin
    - Officer at Large - Webmaster, Erin/PixilPixi
    - Officer at Large - Sponsorship Coordinator, Ian/Iani
    - Officer at Large - Supplies, Tony/Gomer

    Additional nominations were solicited from the floor at the meeting. We concluded with no additional nominees.

    Since we do not have a general meeting this November and there is only one nominee for each position, we will forgo formal elections.

    Congratulations to the 2009 BOD.

    Also, please take a moment to join me in thanking the 2008 BOD for all their effort. They finish their term in November knowing the club is stronger and more focused on its mission than when they started:

    - President, Norman/Mr. Ugly
    - Vice President, Eileen/Raddogz
    - Treasurer, Bryan/Seminolecpa
    - Communications Director, Cwolfus/Charles
    - Officer at Large - Supply Manager, Dudley/Dswong01
    - Officer at Large - Sponsorship Director, Arnold/Apon
    - Officer at Large - Forum Administrator, Rich/Thales

    In the past year there have been many key achievements: DBTC gained national recognition and adoption thereby spreading our mission well beyond our club; improved public and member's only swaps; there were top notch speakers like Jake Adams and Rich Ross. We moved away from RC increasing forum participation; redesigned the membership dues process; donated FOUR bins of corals to the Steinhart; and we will finish the year in better financial shape!

    Perhaps most important, this club continued to be a great place to hang out and to learn from others.

    Kudos to BAR and the 2008 BOD!
  2. GreshamH

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    You ROCK!!! :D
  3. Gomer

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  4. GreshamH

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    [quote author=Gomer link=topic=4943.msg60366#msg60366 date=1224717352]

    Which makes you one yourself :D

  5. Gomer

    Gomer Honorary Member

    (I know..I was making a joke)

    /whooooooooshhhhhh :p
  6. Tumbleweed

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    Great Job all. Can't wait to see what next year will bring. Thanks to all the former BOD members. Great Job
  7. GreshamH

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    [quote author=Gomer link=topic=4943.msg60371#msg60371 date=1224717710]
    (I know..I was making a joke)

    /whooooooooshhhhhh :p

    Really? A joke? :p

    /whooooooshhhh +2 :p
  8. GreshamH

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    When do the tags get changed from "current bar member" to that of "BOD"? Next month?
  9. LeviT

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    Just out of curiosity, where do the moderators come in? Do all the BOD take that roll or is that where webmaster comes in? just wondering.
  10. Tumbleweed

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    [quote author=LeviT link=topic=4943.msg60388#msg60388 date=1224720480]
    Just out of curiosity, where do the moderators come in? Do all the BOD take that roll or is that where webmaster comes in? just wondering.
    They're the ones that make special "donations" to the BOD members to get that privilege.
  11. Elite

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    I think admin not BOD.. BOD can't change status.. Levi, just send Pixi some really cool frags.. I heard she's setting up a new tank. ;D :D
  12. Apon

    Apon Volunteer

    Mods are listed by name under the forum sections - if you look at the main page- most moderators say Thales. A few say other people.
  13. pixelpixi

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    Yes, frags would be great. Flattery works too. :D

    Seriously, though, moderators have privileges only in particular forums. (they're different from administrators, who have wider ranging powers) In practice there's not a lot of moderation that needs to take place in our forums so unless that changes we'll probably just not worry about moderators much.

    If there is something that you need help with in a forum you can ask me, the moderator for the particular forum, of any of the other administrators. (who are Norman, Charles, Rich, and Bryan)
  14. seminolecpa

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    shhh. A couple of us are admins in disguise.
  15. pixelpixi

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    sorry. didn't mean to blow your cover. :D
  16. Mr. Ugly

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    Heheh... Bryan, Bryan! I need help with my password! :D
  17. Mr. Ugly

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  18. seminolecpa

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    What you want me to reset your password and adjust your profile?
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    [quote author=seminolecpa link=topic=4943.msg60400#msg60400 date=1224723727]
    shhh. A couple of us are admins in disguise.
  20. Tumbleweed

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    Too Late the secret is out now

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