Bay area store that sells river shrimp?

Discussion in 'Resources' started by RobMcC, Jun 6, 2018.

  1. RobMcC

    RobMcC Supporting Member

    Anybody know of a Bay area store that sells river shrimp?

  2. Eugene

    Eugene Supporting Member

    You mean freshwater? Aquaforest is best for freshwater stuff. Neptune in South Bay

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  3. RobMcC

    RobMcC Supporting Member

    Live river shrimp for feeding larger marine fish. Sometimes also called ghost shrimp or glass shrimp. Neptune didn't have any last time I was there a few weeks ago, and I don't recall seeing them in Aquatic Collection either.
  4. Eugene

    Eugene Supporting Member

    Its sold in bite shops - we where buying those in Pittsburgh and Antioch when fishing. Haven’t seen grass shrimps lately but they had ghosts couple weeks ago.

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  5. scuzy

    scuzy Supporting Member

    Think they have true saltwater version.

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  6. Fish Boss

    Fish Boss Guest

    I’ve looked for these in the past. I’ve found them on eBay as well as some Florida live bait website
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  7. Reefatosis

    Reefatosis Guest

    I see ghost shrimp all the time at petco and Petsmart when i am hunting around for amano shrimp
    They are usually under an inch. So not sure how useful they would be for feeding purposes
  8. Apon

    Apon Supporting Member

    Fresh water Ghost shrimp isn't that nutritious, and can be expensive. I have seen them for like 75 cents each. Frozen shrimp/Krill would be better I would think.

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