Bayer Advanced Complete Insect Killer bug spray…to treat red bugs and other pests.

Discussion in 'Coral' started by gimmito, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. robert4025

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    BTW....I accidently left SPS in the solution overnight twice because the solution was so milky that I couldn't see through and nothing other than the unwanted critters;
  2. gimmito

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    Thanks for the info's good to know if we forget we won't kill the coral. :)
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    Thanks Robert for correcting my previous false info. Shows never to believe second hand info and I should have just asked the "MAN' himself.:)
    But it was knowing that such a respected shop as yours was using it that swayed me to try,and I knew others would consider the same.
    Thanks for sharing your special brew with us . Keep the cherry stuff coming!
  4. How timely! I just spotted what looks to be red bugs moving about. Several of my acros have been receding over the past month while traveling and generally keeping busy., and I had assumed it was due to excess DOC or something I wasn't testing for.

    Not looking forward to the upcoming dipping regimen, but hopefully I've finally found the source of the tissue recession and can take care of it with Bayer Advanced Complete Insect Killer.
  5. Coral reefer

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    Or treat tank w magic red bug killer. Pm me if you don't follow
  6. northbay-reefer

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    I've used the Bayers products extensively for all my dips and it is the best dipping method by far IMO. The corals doesn't seem to get stressed either. Even my fire ice echinata don't mid this dip. For Zoanthids I still use iodine though.
  7. Thales

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    I am not a fan of sekret info. Please share. :D
  8. Coral reefer

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    Pm me. It has been advised to share in private. I know you know about it tho.
  9. Thales

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    Oh - gotcha. Though it was something new.
  10. Thales

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  11. Kmooresf

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    Well I dipped my tenious finally as I have my frag tank up and running. I am very impressed.

    The recommended dosage was 2ml / 1 gallon. However I have read many other threads that used MUCH more than this. So I decided to go with 2ml in about 2 cups of tank water (enough to fill a cereal bowl). This was just enough for the water to be a little cloudy. I put in the tenious for 10min (the recommended time). I could still see the red bugs moving, so I waited another 5min. No change and the coral seemed fact some of the polyps were still I added another 1ml of Bayer (now the water is very cloudy) and waited another 5min. No more movement.

    I moved it to a container with about a gallon of tank water and let it soak for 10min while I ran it by a powerhead to blow off anything left.

    Then to another fresh tank water soak for a minute or so and then back to the frag tank.

    Seemed to work very well, and I can't see any activity as of this evening and the tenious looks great.

    BAD NEWS..........and GOOD NEWS!!!

    Bad news is that I found a few things still alive in the cereal bowl..........looks a lot like flat worms. They were not dead, and in fact quite active. So apparently I have AEFW!!! |(

    Good news.........aparently the bug spray at least makes the AEFW irritated enough to jump off. Maybe at a higher dose they would die........then again, maybe they would have died anyway......I didn't wait to find out.....sorry.

    Guess I'll be on the watch for those now. :(
  12. Thales

    Thales Past President

    I wouldn't consider this dip for anything other than RB, just like Interceptor treatment. If you need to dip for AEFW, there are much easier more effective less toxic options - though nothing has shown to be effective against the eggs.
  13. Kmooresf

    Kmooresf Supporting Member

    Thanks Rich, I'll start doing some research.
  14. bmhair03

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    I am now using 10ml per 500ml(about 2cups) of tank water for 10 mins of the concentrated formula. I read that one person uses 10ml per 1/2 cup to treat for AEFW. Happy Killin'
  15. gimmito

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    Thanks for posting the results Kris.
  16. Thales

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    Julians Revive works well for AWEF, and I suspect so does just about any other commercial dip. FW dip works great too, but is not so great for the corals. Again, adult AEFW, not the eggs.

    Since that is the case, I have a really hard time getting behind the idea of using a pesticide on AEFW when we know there are non toxic treatments with the same effect. YMMV.
  17. Piper

    Piper Guppy

    A few people asked about the Bayer Advanced Insect Killer at the swap last Saturday so I wanted to bring this post back up to the top. I've been using the same stuff that Brian has pictured in post #11.

    What I do after acclimating the corals to tank water is dip in the Bayer for 15 minutes, rinse in a separate bucket clean tank water, dip in Revive for 15 minutes, rinse in a new batch of clean tank water, then place in the tank.

    The bar code on the back of the bottle I have is 87073 00270. The Lowe's link below looks almost identical to the product I have. The only difference that I can see is I must have a promo bottle that has a "25% MORE" (exactly like the one pictured in post #11) on the very top of the bottle and I have 40 oz. The EPA Reg # on the Lowe's web site matches what is on the bottle too.

    Here's the link to the product on Lowe's web site:
  18. bondolo

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    I had asked Charlie for this info because I had heard reports that there were two different formulations and two different concentrations of the Bayer Advanced and I wanted to make sure I got the right one.

    What concentration are you using Charlie? (in ml per liter if possible).
  19. Kmooresf

    Kmooresf Supporting Member

    I use this stuff as well and have never had a problem with coral getting stressed. I use it exactly like Charlie. 15 min dip...........10 min in fresh tank water with a power head.........15 min in revive and into the frag tank.

    Mike, I don't measure mine out any more. I just keep adding until the water is cloudy. I can still see the coral, but just the outline. I started using 10ml / liter and found it wasn't nearly enough.

    I haven't tried it on any coral other than SPS.
  20. Piper

    Piper Guppy

    Mike - I need to check my dip tubs when I get home for the dosage. I know I use 18mL of Bayer but I can't remember how much water. I'm thinking it was 2L but want to confirm tonight.


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