BAYMAC May 8th at Chabot College

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    Join us Saturday, May 8 for BAYMAC 2010!

    Mark your calendars for the third annual Bay Area Marine Aquarium Conference (BAYMAC) on Saturday, May 8 — Admission is FREE!

    The Bay Area Marine Aquarium Conference (BAYMAC) is proud to announce its third annual conference held at Chabot College in Hayward, Calif. on Saturday, May 8, 2010 from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Join us for this great FREE event that includes well known speakers, manufacturers, coral vendors and local reef clubs. All ages and experience levels are welcome to come by get some great deals, huge raffle, network with other hobbyists, learn something new and just have lots of fun!

    The event will be hosted by the Bay Area Reefers (BAR) in the Chabot College cafeteria (Room #2300 ). There is plenty of parking (a $2 daily parking pass is required to park on campus and is available from kiosks throughout the parking lots) or take advantage of a carpool or public transportation just don't miss out!

    We've got a stellar line up of speakers, Joe Yaiullo, Christine Williams, Sanjay Joshi and the Bay Area's own Rich Ross. After each of their talks they will be announcing (1) of the (4) main door prizes, $250 gift certificates to your choice of any store on the Participating LFS List.

    Did you miss the raffle number or door prize number? Got Twitter or FaceBook? We'll be updating both as well as the live feed on our website after every number is called.

    Please visit our website for more information.

    Big thanks to our event sponsors:

    Reef Nutrition
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  3. bluevoodoo

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    looking forward to this!
  4. mpoletti

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    Its been on the calendar for awhile :D

    BAYMAC or bust ;)
  5. iani

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    This should be really fun.
  6. patrickb

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  7. yardartist

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    Great website.
  8. kinetic

    kinetic Webmaster

    awesome! looks fantastic. I have a friend's wedding that day unfortunately, but looking forward to pictures!
  9. Sfork

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    I've never been to something like this before, what exactly happens? Should i bring wads of cash for frags?
  10. Gomer

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    It is a combination of an exhibitor expo, club swap meet, lecture series, coral farmers market, and a whole lot of awesomeness.
    Bring cash :-D a CC could be deadly!
  11. GreshamH

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    Bring cash, there is no on site ATM that I know of.
  12. cwolfus

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    BTW, there is a very busy BofA half a block away. (bustin the BAYMAC rhymes! ;) )
  13. mpoletti

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    I like cash, but you can just paypal me now :party:

    On a serious note, BAYMAC has the chance to grow into a great reefing event and I think this year will only create more traction for years to come!
  14. GreshamH

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    I'm working on another edition to the BAYMAC line up after the intense success of REEFstock.
  15. patchin

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    What was REEFstock?
  16. tuberider

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  17. Apon

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    is there a list a vendors yet?
  18. GreshamH

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    It's all on Arnold :)

    Exhibitors (some more to add - 18 in total) -
    Vendors (some more to add - 12 in total) -
  19. sfsuphysics

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    Are the speakers time schedules going to hold pretty close to what's written (baring any unfortunate events of course)??

    Only reason I ask is last BAYMAC, I had a lot of people asking me about a particular speaker (one of the later ones?) and they weren't speaking at the time, not sure if they were stuck in traffic, homeland security for smuggling fluid on a plane or what not.

    I do see two speakers that I absolutely need to sit and listen to though!
  20. GreshamH

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    Last one Jake Adam's caught laryngitis just a day or two prior to the event :( He was present but did not speak.

    I am going to try my best to hold the time slots as they are in print now. Time is tight and I wanted to get as many speakers in as possible.

    I'm very happy to have the speakers we got this year. I hope I can sit through all the talks myself as all will be a new one for the BA.

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