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Discussion in 'Fish and Invertebrates' started by FeliciaLynn, Apr 11, 2014.

  1. Enderturtle

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    Stop by any of the big local fish stores in the bay area. They have empty shells. Ask them if you can buy shells. The cool ones will just give you the empty shells for free.

    As for snails dying, 30% of my snails mysteriously die a couple months after adding them. Theres algae. No predators. They just die.

    I add new snails probably 3 times a year.

    Have you thought about target feeding your hermits/shrimp with a turkey baster and some frozen food?
  2. humu

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    Best place to buy enough to stock a 180G tank? Where can I pick up turbos online?
  3. Jayzilla

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    Hey @Enderturtle , thanks for the advice! I started target feeding the shrimp in the day and at at night to keep him at bay. that has been huge. for food i have flakes, pellets, brine shrimp and mysis that i just started rotating meals for everyone
  4. Vhuang168

    Vhuang168 Supporting Member

    Neptune's usually has a large number of cuc available. Or CRC does as well as AC.

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  5. Jeff Rehling

    Jeff Rehling Supporting Member

    I contacted Reef Cleaners and this is what they recommended for my 75...seems excessive

    60 Dwarf Ceriths 0.17 10.2
    19 Nassarius Vibex 0.45 8.55
    25 Florida Cerith 0.6 15
    20 Nerite Snail 0.75 15
    18 Assorted Hermits* 0.6 10.8
    Total Before Shipping

    1 Discount “5off” -5 -5
    1 Priority Mail 0

  6. Ibn

    Ibn Supporting Member

    They're in the business of overselling. Also, keep in mind that John can't count. He'll usually send you 1.5-2x that to account for any die offs during shipping. That list makes sense if you have a number of algae in the tank but for most tanks it isn't needed.

    Are you dealing with some type of algae or other issues? What's prompting the need for the cuc?
  7. Jeff Rehling

    Jeff Rehling Supporting Member

    i lost a few of my snails over time and never replaced them. I have a little bit of algae that resembles a thin carpet, so I thought getting some critters might be a good idea. I have one hermit, maybe three snails left
  8. Ibn

    Ibn Supporting Member

    So, let's start from top to bottom of what John has listed.

    Dwarf Ceriths - tiny little snails that he'll definitely ship 2x the amount listed at. Great for getting in the nooks and cranny since they're quite small (think on the order of grains of rice, short grain). Will be hidden most of the time, until the lights goes out and they're out feeding.
    Nassarius vibex - will be hidden under the sand, until any sort of food hits the water column. Amazing sense of smell and overall great clean up for leftover food or for any sort of meaty food (think fish bodies).
    Florida Cerith - Larger than the dwarfs and you will usually see these around since they're usually on the glass eating away at the brown film algae.
    Nerite snail - Decent algae eaters, but you have to keep your tank on the cooler side. I would keep it lower than 76° versus the 78° that Felicia mentioned in the OP. You will find them outside the tank otherwise.
    Assorted hermits - Not really a good idea if you keep any sort of snails since they will most likely go after them for their shells.

    If you have the mentioned algae and want something to go after that, go to any LFS and grab a couple of Mexican turbos, 5-10 banded/tiger Trochus, and maybe a handful of red-legged hermit crabs (the only hermit crabs that I would deem safe in a reef tank with snails). After that, wait it out and let the clean up crew do their thing. You might be tempted to overwhelm the tank with cuc, but you'll end up with them dying afterwards of starvation as the population falls in line with the available food source.
  9. Jeff Rehling

    Jeff Rehling Supporting Member

    Thanks so much!!!

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