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Discussion in 'DIY' started by Enderturtle, Dec 13, 2015.

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    I laughed out loud after I finished rigging this micky mouse/ghetto rigged set up.

    I'm doing tank transfers right now for a cute small Orchid Dottyback from California Reef Co.

    The air bubbler is sitting inside my old sock which is being mounted to the side of the bucket using a clamp.

    Here's the part where my real ingenuity comes in. I drilled a hole using a 7/32 Inch drillbit into a small section of PVC. The PVC serves as the weight to weigh down the airline tubing so it doesn't spring out of the bucket and blow useless air into my living room.

    So I guess the real DIY thing I wanna share is drilled PVC serves as a decent but unattractive way of weighing down airline tubing. I did the same thing for the airline tubing sitting in my auto-top-off bucket.
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    hehe, I've used PVC to weigh down my hose from my autotop off, which keeps it near the bottom of the bucket. Granted it's not as fancy as your drilled hole version, but it works never the less ;)
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    Stainless nuts work also.
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