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Discussion in 'Tank Journals' started by bfirecat, Jun 25, 2019.

  1. bfirecat

    bfirecat Supporting Member

    Hi everyone!

    I just joined not too long ago. I'm upgrading from a Cadlights 50 Cube to a Red 525XL.

    Red Sea 525XL
    2x Radion XR30 Pros (Gen 3)
    2x MP40's
    1x Jaebo return pump
    Nyos 160 Skimmer
    Clarisea SK-3000 Roller Filter
    Kessil H80 for Refugium
    Apex Classic for Temp, PH, Salinity
    GHL 2.1 Doser
    Starboard for barebottom
    BRS Dry Rock.

    Tank is one week into its cycle
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  2. bfirecat

    bfirecat Supporting Member

    Livestock plans:

    Pair of O. Clowns (old tank)
    Yellow Tang (old tank)
    Sixline Wrasse (old tank)
    2 Chromis (old tank)
    Royal Gramma (old tank)

    Eventually adding:
    2 more tangs - any suggestions?
    2-4 more wrasse - any suggestions?
    1-many clown gobies - any suggestions?
    3+ anthias - any easy suggestions?
    1 long nose hawkfish
    1-3 angels - any suggestions?

    1 Maxima Clam (from old tank)
    2 more clams (maxima or otherwise)
    2 cleaner shrimp
    8 emerald crabs
  3. bfirecat

    bfirecat Supporting Member

    Lots of Zoas
    Lots of mushrooms
    BTAs (BW, Az Sunset, Rainbows)

    Looking to add:
    Easy SPS (need suggestions)
    Montipora (sunset, rainbow, and bubblegum digi's)
    BTAs (Colorado sunset, Chicago sunset)
  4. Newjack

    Newjack Supporting Member

    by the looks of your equipment list, that's gonna be one bad a** build. You should post some pictures of it, or start a tank journal here.
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  5. glee

    glee BOD

    Welcome to BAR. Looking forward to the pictures.
  6. Coral reefer

    Coral reefer Past President

    Kole tang
    Ruby headed fairy wrasse, pintail wrasse
    Lyretail anthias
    No full size angels. Coral beauty for dwarf.
    No crabs
    I also avoid nems and shrooms
  7. glee

    glee BOD

    I hope you get the nems and I can see them in person lol
  8. bfirecat

    bfirecat Supporting Member

    I'll add pictures in the next few days.
    From what I hear, I think I have to sell the other nems before getting a CSB.

    When the tank gets out of the uglies, and there's a CSB, you're more than welcomed to come by glee :)
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  9. bfirecat

    bfirecat Supporting Member

    Currently waiting on an insert from Broadfield over at r2r.

    Week 2 on the cycle, dropped a few cubes of mysis and Microbacter7 from Brightwell.
    Got A couple Xport blocks from Brightwell too.
    The lid is from Artfully Acrylic.

    Question, this lid would work for a dwarf golden eel?
  10. MolaMola

    MolaMola Supporting Member

    For me, there is Upload a Photo button on bottom right, just under the box I type my message in (like now). Choose a file, it gets uploaded, then choose thumbnail or full image at the bottom of the screen. Sometimes for me I get stuck on infinite loading, but if I try again later it works fine.
  11. RandyC

    RandyC Supporting Member

    Also note that images cannot be larger than 5MB. If you try to upload a file bigger than 5MB, you won't get a warning, it will just seem like nothing happened.
  12. bfirecat

    bfirecat Supporting Member

    It was the pixel size :)

    Attached Files:

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  13. bfirecat

    bfirecat Supporting Member

    Waiting on the insert from Broadfield before doing wire management and getting the sump going.
    Added the Xport media in the meantime to help with the cycling.
  14. bfirecat

    bfirecat Supporting Member

    Tank is finished cycling, and added the first fish!

    3 Red Firefish
    2 Fairy Wrasse
    1 Orange Back Wrasse
    1 Tomini Tang
    20 Astrea Snails
    20 Banded Trochus Snails
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  15. Zumareef

    Zumareef Supporting Member

    Looking good!
  16. jccaclimber

    jccaclimber Supporting Member

    Tangs: Kole, Tomini.
    Hawkfish: Will try to eat your shrimp
    Angels: Coral beauty or flame, but either will probably nip your LPS when you aren't looking. Mine did, but never when I was looking, and he was getting a cube of mysis every day.
    Clams: Most of them are pretty amazing, whatever there.

    Mushrooms: Go with ricordea, they stay where you put them unless you don't mind them getting everywhere.
    GSP: Keep it on an island.
    Euphyllia: I'm partial to frogspawn and torches, mainly due to lower success rates with wall hammers.
    Nems: I love them, but I don't keep them due to their occasional need to walk and kill SPS. I might have some on an island someday.
    Easy SPS: Montis, montis, more montis. Add Mystic to your list. I always found GARF bonsai to be pretty robust, although much harder to get really great looking tips.
    Porites is generally pretty easy too, but grows fast.
    Once you get those going well throw in a stylo or two. Purple seems pretty readily available locally.
    Chalices: I've met very few that I don't like, lots of options there.
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  17. Zumareef

    Zumareef Supporting Member

    your welcome to a huge hunk of my green birds nest once your tank is going; very easy, hardy sps.
  18. Rostato

    Rostato Supporting Member

    Don’t forget Digitatas. Very easy to keep sps
  19. bfirecat

    bfirecat Supporting Member

    Added the Midas Blenny from the other tank and some coral to see how the do:
    2 Ricodia
    A few frags of zoas

    For tangs, will a Tomini and a Yellow work? They are about the same size. Going to add the yellow in a week. Would it be fine to add a Blue Hippo or Powder Blue?
  20. jccaclimber

    jccaclimber Supporting Member

    IMHO a hippo would be a bad idea. They like a lot of space. I've not seen them get aggressive and beat up their neighbors, but they do have a bad habit of getting sick and dying.
    I think a tomini and a yellow would work. Keep an eye out to make sure the yellow isn't being aggressive to the tomini.
    Powder blue is iffy. Some are model citizens, others less so. Keep nori available at all times.

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