Big Greenish/Brownish mushroom

Discussion in 'DBTC - Softies' started by sfboarders, Mar 10, 2010.

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  1. sfboarders

    sfboarders Guest

    Not sure if a BAR member donated this mushroom but I picked it up at the free/newbie table with hopes of putting it somewhere in my tank.After I aquascaped it did not fit in anywhere so it's up for grabs. It's about 3" - 4" .

    Nassarius snail can be included if you like. :bigsmile:

    If possible pick up at BOD meeting this weekend or arrange somewhere to meet.

  2. Euphyllia

    Euphyllia Guest

    I can take it if you want. I'll be at the BOD meeting. Thanks. :bigsmile:
  3. sfboarders

    sfboarders Guest

    It's yours Matthew, see you on Saturday.
  4. Euphyllia

    Euphyllia Guest

    OK thanks! :bigsmile:

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