Birdnest Colonies

Discussion in 'DBTC - SPS' started by boun11, May 28, 2017.

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    • boun11
      • ashburn2k
    1. boun11

      boun11 Guest

      I have 3 rocks that has birdnest on it. It is big. No picture. If you have a big tank and want to give them a good home and later shared with the clubs. Especially for SPS beginner! Ideally, someone pick it up later on tonight. Pick up in Berkeley!
    2. boun11

      boun11 Guest

      Rocks are gone to a friend but I have 2 colonies of birdnest still for the DBTC :)
    3. ashburn2k

      ashburn2k Webmaster

      I can pick it up tonight or tmw evenings

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    4. ashburn2k

      ashburn2k Webmaster

      Thanks boun11

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    5. boun11

      boun11 Guest

      I still have 1 more colony left! :) grow it well Hui!
    6. Wlachnit

      Wlachnit BOD

      Hey Buon, about what size and what color is it?
    7. boun11

      boun11 Guest

      maybe 3" nish. Greenish in color. I guess I could snap some picture
    8. boun11

      boun11 Guest

      Hey Hui! Take some pictures of the rock and the birdnest I gave you and post some pictures here for the DBTC :) I didn't take any before I gave it to you.
    9. ashburn2k

      ashburn2k Webmaster

      will do after they recover.
    10. ashburn2k

      ashburn2k Webmaster

      Not great pictures but here they are [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

      Birdnest is the last photo

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    11. Flagg37

      Flagg37 Supporting Member

      Is that really birds nest? I'm used to it having thinner pointier branches.
    12. Vhuang168

      Vhuang168 Supporting Member

      Hard to see. Might be pocillipora

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    13. Wlachnit

      Wlachnit BOD

      Hard to tell from the pic, but it does look like a seriatopora. Perhaps S.caliendrum or S.guttatus which is known as green birdsnest. When most of us including me, think of birdsnest, we think of S.hysterix which is pointy.

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    14. Kremis

      Kremis Supporting Member

      ^^^^ i have a vollyball sized colony of this in my tank
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    15. Schmitty

      Schmitty Supporting Member

      Looks cool! Ill have some birds nest frags to offer out soon.

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