Black Onyx True Percula

Discussion in 'Pay It Forward' started by bluprntguy, Aug 24, 2015.

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    My clownfish is getting too big for my nano and for whatever reason, she has it out for my Randall's Assessor, so she's been temporarily banished to the sump and is looking for a more suitable home with some more space.

    She's mostly black in the middle with some bright orange around the edge. She's getting darker as she ages, but I suspect will always have some orange color. She's a model citizen to all the other fish in the tank, there is just something about the Randall that rubs her the wrong way apparently. Sorry for the crappy cellphone pic, but here she is:


    All tank inhabitants are clear of ich and have been happy and healthy for a year or more without any new additions. If you don't have a quarantine, here's a good option.

    She's free to a member of the club with anything larger than a 25 gallon tank. I think that's the minimum given her current size. Prefer for you to pick-up in San Francisco sometime this week or this coming weekend.
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    I will take her, if its ok. LMK

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