Board of Directors Meeting

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    Board of Directors Meeting
    August 5, 2017
    West Valley College
    Saratoga, CA

    The meeting was called to order by President Mike Brown.

    Up for discussion was the upcoming Regional Frag Swap and nominations/volunteers for the 2018 Board of Directors.

    After some discussion about the duties of board members, the following slate was approved.
    The slate of officers for 2018 is as follows:

    President-John Flagg-@Flagg37
    Vice President-Will Lachnit -@WLachnit
    Secretary-Dave Corkrum@2manyhobbies
    Treasurer-Mike Ray-@mray2660
    Meetings Sub-Committee members:
    Facilities/Event Coordinator Steve Patchin-@patchin
    Visiting Speaker Accommodations Edgar Sandoval
    Sponsorship Committee Chair Rolf -@Corralus
    Frag Swap Coordinator Mike Huynh-@enderturtle
    Web Masters:
    Denzil Villarico-@denzil
    Alfred Young-@neuro
    Philip D'Agostino-@bluprntguy
    Tyler Gunn-@Tgunn

    The slate will be posted on the BAR website and the vote will be taken there. The Secretary will be responsible for the posting and determining the results.

    If there are any changes to the slate, please respond to the Secretary. The club would like to thank Mike Brown @Coral reefer and Bob @tank guy for their service to the club. We appreciate their hard work and dedication to the club and the hobby.

    The Regional Frag Swap will take place on September 16th at Chabot College in the cafeteria.

    Set-up time still needs to be coordinated. There was some discussion about the cost of entry. It was decided that pre-registration would be $15 and would include a slice of pizza for lunch. Entry at the door would be $20 for all.

    Dave Corkrum stated he would take care of the entry desk and asks for one additional person to help. Check in of corals and the identity of bonus corals would be conducted by Vincent and others knowledgeable of coral identities.

    Rolf, @Corralus is coordinating with the LFS’s in the area for possible raffle prizes. There was some discussion about a bonus coral raffle, but nothing has been definitely decided. The price for raffle tickets will remain at $1 per ticket. Mike Huynh has three vendors who will be selling corals at the event.

    The new BAR t-shirts will be available for sale at the price of $20. Dave-@2manyhobbies is coordinating with Mike-@mray2660 for pick-up of the t-shirts and other items needed for the swap.

    There was no other items discussed and it was moved and seconded to adjourn.
    Respectfully submitted,
    Dave Corkrum@2manyhobbies
    August 7, 2017
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