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    July BOD Minutes
    July 9, 2011

    The meeting was called to order by the president at 1pm. It was noted that there was a quorum present.
    In attendance
    Bryan (seminolecpa)-President
    Jeremy (tuberider)- Vice President
    Brian (tumbleweed)- Treasurer
    Jon (jar)-Events
    Steve (patchin)- Facilities




    • Discussion was had regarding the state of the forum and ways to make it work better and faster.
    • Conclusion was that the DBTC tracking software was the primary reason to keep Drupal vs. another more simple and easier to use forum software.
    • General discussion was had on the tangible benefits of tracking DBTC transaction within the forum and it was concluded that though it is important to keep a record of transactions, the benefits of being able to track the transactions within the forum do not outweigh the detriment of having to put the burden on a few members to maintain the forum software and its growing size. It is much more important to have a forum software that has the ability to be completely maintained by a 3rd party (if needed) or by multiple members of the club as the speed and day to day function of the forum is vitally important to the club and its membership. If DBTC tracking is wanted in the future, it makes most sense logistically to do tracking manually or off-line as the data has never really been used to the extent it was originally intended.
    o We will look for a solution that can be maintained by a 3rd party vendor without the stress being put on individual members of the club. We will look to knowledgeable members within the club for alternative solutions for forum software that is more simple. The solution should include the migration of all past forum posts etc to the new software as maintaining historical posts and information is vital to the club. DBTC transactions will be recorded within the text of the threads and if data is needed in the future it will be manually extracted.
    Action Plan
    o Brian will reach out to a few members within the club to discuss costs and solutions for a new forum software as well as migration of the current forum software to the new platform. These people may include Bondolo, iani, thales and sister clubs.

    August Member Swap

    • Logistics were discussed regarding the upcoming August members swap.
    o Participation at the members swap will only be available to paid members as of July 1, 2011. Any new members will be welcome to attend but will not be allowed to participate.
    • Action Plans

    o Jeremy will post up an announcement thread for the swap similar to that from the regional swap in February and including the details above.
    o Jeremy will also create a volunteer thread for the general tasks that are needed for the swap (set-up, check-in, clean-up etc)
    o Steve will check with Chabot to ensure that we still have the newer room that was used at the regional swap booked.

    Regional Swap

    • A discussion about the reasons for holding a regional swap was had. It was determined that the main reason was to create awareness of our mission and the focus on captive propagation of corals to the general public in the area.
    • Many other area clubs are now conducting open swaps and there seems to be a significant amount of overlap in tangible benefits to the club and its members with BAYMAC and the Members Swap in August.
    • Conclusion

    o Due to this overlap, the significant stress on club volunteers, and the fact that all and more of the original goals of the regional swap can be met and exceeded with BAYMAC it was voted and concluded that we will not have a regional swap in 2012.
    • Action Plans

    o Jeremy will make the announcement within the post for the August Members swap.

    Upcoming Elections

    • A discussion was had about exiting board members and possible replacements. Elections will be held at the general meetings in October and the new board will take over immediately and be granted access to the BOD forum. Past members will continue on in overlap in an advisory role until year end.
    o As there will not be another board meeting prior to elections, the discussion on the boards proposed slate of candidates for the 2012 board will be concluded within the BOD forum. We will reach out to interested parties and those that are seen as potential candidates to gauge their overall interest. Other candidates will be welcomed from the floor at the time of elections (though there have rarely been candidates that have come from this forum).
    Action Plan
    o Brian and Dave will reach out to the interested parties and those identified to gauge interest and work on coming up with the new slate. Slate will be presented within the BOD forum for discussion and ultimate approval.


    • A discussion was had about sponsorship in general, requirements of sponsors and process for approval of new sponsors.
    • Conclusion

    o We will create an annual letter to be sent to current sponsors informing them of what we require from them and what we plan on offering them each year to ensure that everyone is on the same page.
    o Sponsors must maintain a business license within the area of their location and club will not allow e-tailers or garage operations dealing specifically in livestock as sponsors of the club.
    o New sponsors dealing specifically in livestock will be evaluated for a 6 month period to ensure that practices do not specifically go against the overall club mission.
    o We will proactively reach out to sponsors that are not currently involved in the club if we feel that they either align with our mission or do not specifically clash with the business of our LFS sponsors.
    • Action Plan

    o Future Sponsorship chairman should work with iani in the transition period to come up with the guidelines and requirements for current sponsors and present to sponsors after the new year.

    Next BOD Meeting

    January 14, 2012, at 1:00 p.m., Chabot College
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    Guessing from the vaguity (yes, that's a word), that it's a conversation ment for PM.
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    I'd like to offer up my assistance with the forum and DBTC should you need it. I've been out of the WebDev circle for a couple of years now but I poke my head in every now and again just to see what's going on. I might not be the best person to suggest a forum software or 3rd party service in today's market but I'm available to evaluate solutions and help with migrating data if required.

    I'm a semi-retired Perl hacker (at least until the kids get a little older.) If you wanted to port DBTC to an independent application I can look into the feasibility of that as well. I can code in any language as long as it's Perl :) I'd definitely need more details on your hosting/server set up to know if I would be of any help of course. The offer is on the table if you need the help.

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    What does than mean fr me bryan? Can you give me a ring a ding ding..... sou DS like a good plan of attack
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    Hey, I attended the meeting. :|
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    Um. Your name is on there. I added it after the first time you said something. I think we didn't recognize yu this year without your uniform.
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    I guess I have to wear the uni to get recognized. :p

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