Borrowing Club PAR meter #2

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by rygh, May 6, 2019.

  1. bluprntguy

    bluprntguy Supporting Member

    The rules for this one still need to be updated:

    Returning the Par Meter
    1. Wipe down the meter after you're done using it.
    2. (Remember the handheld display unit is not water proof)
    3. Give the Par Meter to a BOD member or the next person waiting in line.
    4. You have the option of delivering it to the next person who wants to borrow it or bringing it to a BOD member
    5. We have BOD members throughout the bay area where you can drop the Par Meter off.
  2. Wlachnit

    Wlachnit BOD

    Yes, two threads are better. By doing two threads people will self select and sign up for the one that is closest to them. And, as @JVU said, par meter should be picked up rather than delivered to the next person. The person picking up will know exactly where they need to get it from when they sign up...instead of having someone sign up after them that are completely on the other side of the bay.
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  3. Jonathan Chia

    Jonathan Chia Supporting Member

    Would love to jump in line for this as I just setup my reefer 350 with new T5s
  4. Rostato

    Rostato Supporting Member

    So, do we have a list for this second par meter? I was thinking it would go to Mozby next since he is right down the road from me and behind me in line on the 1st par meter.
  5. rygh

    rygh BOD

  6. rygh

    rygh BOD

    Sorry, changed part of the rules as planned, but copy pasted some other parts.
  7. Coral reefer

    Coral reefer Past President

    If anyone has this meter near aquatic collection Lin (employee) would like to use it. He is there tues -fri.
  8. henergizer

    henergizer Supporting Member

    I’m wondering this too since I’m not too far away from Union City or Fremont.

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  9. Rostato

    Rostato Supporting Member

    Well I made a command decision to move down the list behind me. @Mozby now has the par meter #2
  10. Jonathan Chia

    Jonathan Chia Supporting Member

    Would love to get the par meter soon after as I am in SJ, so not too far from Fremont
  11. Reefee

    Reefee Supporting Member

    I don’t think I qualify to borrow this yet, but hoping to be in line to borrow 2 month after lol

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  12. jamie

    jamie Supporting Member

    i would like to be in the list, my tank is new but i would like to set the intesity of my lights with the meter. if possible. im in daly city and work in SF 9th and howard
  13. glee

    glee BOD

    Let's keep this list separate from PAR meter #1. Lin from Aquatic Collection wants to use the PAR meter so if someone is nearby, please stop by Tues-Fri.

    @Mozby - Union City (has PAR meter#2)
    @DubbaD - Los Gatos
    @wwu123 - Los Altos
    @Jonathan Chia San Jose
    @henergizer - Hayward (SF or SSF) (on waiting list for both but take whichever is more convenient)
    @juanfdezdc - Sunnyvale
  14. glee

    glee BOD

    Mike, how long does Lin want to use the PAR meter?
  15. glee

    glee BOD

    What city are you in? Please copy and paste the list. Add your name to the PAR meter you want to borrow. By the time you reach 2 months, the PAR meter might be available.
  16. Coral reefer

    Coral reefer Past President

    Probably 15 min or so I think
  17. Rostato

    Rostato Supporting Member

    Isn’t AC not a sponsor anymore? Seems like bullshit if we are letting them use the PAR meter if they are not a sponsor.

    If they are a sponsor I apologize.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love AC but screw that.
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  18. glee

    glee BOD

    We are always in communication with previous sponsors and it's good practice to work together when it's not such a big ask.
  19. JVU


    I‘m assuming we would not be lending it to anyone at AC (unless they were a supporting member and got on the list, etc), but rather if a supporting member nearby is already checking it out and would like to do them a favor, they can swing by with it. It would still be the full responsibility of the member (ie don’t leave it there).
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  20. Coral reefer

    Coral reefer Past President

    Exactly this

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