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Discussion in 'Equipment' started by lattehiatus, Mar 8, 2013.

  1. I live in San Francisco
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    I'm already done and passing it on to enderturtle tonight.
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    I hate to be the dick here...but whomever has the meter could we please re-read the the first post in this thread as to the proper etiquette for meter usage, specifically the part where if there's a line of people waiting to use the meter you have one week to use the meter and pass it on to the next person.

    I understand if there's some time in organizing a drop off, but looking back through the thread when I asked to be put on the list there were 4 people ahead of me, and this was 12 weeks ago. And the last talk of it being passed off was nearly a month ago.
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  5. Enderturtle

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    Oops i have the meter. Sfsuphysics i can bring it to you. Where are you located?
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    I'm up in San Francisco, shoot me a PM and we'll work out logistics.
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    Some clarification from a BoD member on the meter.

    Got the meter from Enderturtle, looks fine, undamaged, etc. Although there was some water in the bag where everything was being held, presumably from wet sticks put into it. Either way the display is very hard to read, looks like the battery is going on it. There was another battery in the container, but it looked very scratched up (used) put a voltmeter on it and it said 2.9(ish) volts, for a 3V LiIon battery I'm guessing that battery is pretty much used up, the battery in it reads 3.01V but that's with no load on it, so not sure if it's a battery issue or not.

    That said, should I just buy a battery for it? I can get one for less than $3 shipped (Rayovac brand CR2320). I'm not sure what battery replacement policy is with meter usage.
  8. denzil

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    To be honest, I'm not sure what the minimum voltage is require for the PAR meter to run. Anyway, Mike, just pick up another battery to see if replacing the current batteries fixes the issue. We'll be sure to reimburse ya for it.

    If it doesn't fix the meter, we may have to get another one from Robert and Cerissa at Neptune Aquatics. I'm sure they'd be happy to help us out again.
  9. sfsuphysics

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    Well the battery says it's a 3V battery, and the manual states that's the battery too, but perhaps it's a bit on the low side as far as charge. I'll get a new battery.
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    Per the manual the low battery indicator will come on at 2.8v so maybe the battery is low. It also mentioned storing it without the battery as there is a small battery drain to retain the memory. Expected life is a few months if the battery is left in.

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  11. sfsuphysics

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    Well the error code for a battery was not on. The screen just looks like one of those old calculators where you can see the numbers a bit clearer if you tilt it at a funny angle. I don't have work today so I'll swing by Target and get a new battery and see if that fixes things up.

    Just want to bring these issues to light, not to blame the person before me, but as a sense of record. And perhaps everyone who receives it should give a report in the thread to mention any problems/issues they see, so that when it finally does go kaput one person maybe isn't to blame if there is a show of a slow degradation to the life of it.

    Either way, I'll update in a couple/few hours.
  12. tygunn

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    Agreed if there are issues they should be noted. If there was water in the packaging maybe put the meter in a bag of rice to ensure it has no lingering moisture?

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  13. sfsuphysics

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    New battery fixed things up. Was a pain in the butt to find it, Home Depot, nope, Target, nope, Radio Shack, close.. but nope, finally thought of a watch repair place, and sure enough they had one. A bit more expensive than I would like, but I spent all that gas driving around I was going to come home with something :) In the future BAR should order a few online since they're anywhere from 1/2 to 1/4 the price of in store.

    Just for kicks and giggles I tested the voltage across a new 3V battery with no load... 3.26V so yeah the other one was pretty much shot.

    As to the water bit, the water was in the plastic bag that was holding everything, the meter itself and the case it was in was perfectly dry. Like whomever used it last just put the sticks to hold the sensor under water right into the bag and some water that was left on them accumulated.

    Either way meter seems to work fine now. I'll give the receipt to whomever I see at the next BAR meeting I go to :)
  14. denzil

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    How much did the battery cost ya and what battery type is it? Sorry if I missed it if you mentioned it earlier.
  15. FeliciaLynn

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    Just pm a copy of your receipt to Mike Ray and he can Paypal you the reimbursement quickly. I always just take a photo of the receipt with my phone and send it his way.
  16. sfsuphysics

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    Okey dokey.

    Denzil the battery cost $10, because it was from a watch repair kiosk, it's a bit pricier than what Radio Shack would have charged ($6 based on the other single batteries), however you can buy them online for $2.50 or so but then that takes some amount of time to ship.

    The battery is CR2320 Lithium 3V
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    would like to be placed in line for this thing, curious what my LEDs are putting out :)
  18. sfsuphysics

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    Ok I'm finished, Christopher Derth please send me a PM and we can arrange time/location for a swap. I too live in San Francisco so shouldn't be too much of an issue.

    Well I had grand aspirations about what I was going to do. Drew out a grid pattern, and put a mark every 6 inches, and I was going to take 3 measurements at every location, one on the bottom, one about half way, and one about 6 inches down from the top.. started taking data near one wall, took 15 data points (30 inches worth) and then decided I was going to take data every 12 inches instead... so moved to the next mark (which is closer to being under the lights) and took 15 data points across there... then realize all the rocks would make this an impossible task, so why bother. Put it at a few rocks, to see how much light I'm getting there. Then compare directly under the LEDs (in the water) under each set (one with lenses, one without). I'm measuring about 300 par on one rock with encrusting montis and they seem to like that just fine, there's a pocillipora frag on the rock too and while that's a tad taller due to it's branching nature it looks fine too. Some acropora might not grow terribly well, currently I'm running an acroporaless tank but throwing down some extra spot light for a particular rock wouldn't be too much of a chore, I mean hell you can find the older kessils for fairly cheap.

    I took data with one off and one on, then switched and came to the conclusion that they both put out the approximately the same intensity of light for a given depth. The difference between the two is that the one with lenses is suspended about 18" off the surface of the water, and the one without is about 5-6 inches off the surface of the water. Spread wize the one without lenses seems to give a more useful spread before it starts to look noticeably dark. The upside with the one higher up is that any sort of spritzing from the water doesn't affect the acrylic shield, where as the other one needed a bit of a cleaning. I could really crank up the intensity if I lowered the lens one, but then foot print that it covers becomes almost non-existent.

    Overall the decision to keep the fixture low to the tank and get more spread without sacrificing intensity seems like a good one, hell explains why EcoTech and AI amongst others are pushing their "wide" angled lenses. Besides making sure those lenses fit on exactly right can be a chore in and of itself.
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    I haven't heard from Christopher, so I'm going to get on to the next person who was... ?
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    Simple, me.

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