Breaking down my 25 gallon reef in Berkeley

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm moving out of the country and unfortunately can't take my tank with me. I made a craigslist posting where you can see what I have and photos of everything:

    This community has been a great resource for me, so I'm willing to do significant discounts for you all to ensure these guys go to good homes. Please give them a look and contact me!

    Here's a list of what is left (as of Dec. 3, 3:30pm) (photos are on craigslist posting):

    Unknown golden encrusting coral w/ medium piece of live rock
    Purple montipora coral w/ large piece of live rock
    War coral (~2" diameter)
    Green star polyps (~2" diameter)
    1 Duncan (4 heads)
    4 Rose Bubble Tip Anemones (RBTA)
    Purple/orange Acan (20+ heads)
    Hammer coral (7 heads)
    Bright red mushrooms (5)
    Purple mushrooms (5)
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