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By Chromis on Apr 5, 2018 at 9:25 PM
  1. Chromis

    Chromis Supporting Member

    In this workshop, supporting members will be provided the materials and support to build a custom screen lid. We’ll build screens similar to the ones BRS sells in kits - the clear netting transmits ~99% of light and keeps your fish safe.

    Date: Saturday, May 12, 10a-12p
    Location: Liz’s (chromis) house, those of you that don’t have my address yet can PM me for it.
    Cost: Free to supporting members.

    What you need to do:
    1. RSVP by April 21 in this thread so we can order the right amount of screen materials.
    2. Bring your inner tank dimensions, including dimensions of any cutouts you need for overflows, cords or pipes.


    3. PM chromis for address if needed
    4. Order the lid clips, magnets, or other mounting system that suit your aesthetic and fit your glass. E.g. innovative marine clear clips, $8 for 4 at Amazon: Innovative Marine DIY Mesh Screen Lid Clips - 12mm

    Also BRS:
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Discussion in 'Events & Announcements' started by Chromis, Apr 5, 2018.

    1. Bruce Spiegelman
      Bruce Spiegelman
      Well damn.. after preparing and looking forward to this one I have to bow out at the last minute. A friend is having surgery on Friday and I'll be staying there and helping her out all weekend till she's able to get around. Damn.
    2. NelsonCh
      I accidentally bought 15mm screen clips when I needed 19mm. I will bring them tomorrow if anyone needs them.

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    3. Chromis
      Let me know your tank dimensions and if I don’t have time to make the screen, I’ll put the materials aside that were ordered for your RSVP.
    4. Chromis
    5. daddio
      I am bringing 3 miter boxes and 3 hack saws
    6. Vhuang168
      Argh. Won’t be able to make this.

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    7. Cheedo
      Thanks Liz for hosting this event at your home. Great meeting you and the other members.

      Screen fits perfect.


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    8. NelsonCh
      Thanks again for hosting Liz!! Nice to see other peoples red seas and gain some insight on setups. A big thanks to everyone bringing tools to share as well! Hope to see you all again soon.

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    9. Yippee
      Liz, thanks for hosting. I had a wonderful time and the screen looks nice.
    10. daddio
      Thanks Liz! We had a great time and your tank is beautiful.
      Mark & Peter
    11. powdertang05
      I have the screen top now but its such a pain to feed the fish. does anyone know of an acrylic one or how to add a feed door?
      Also I did the larger mesh from BRS and a small fish made it through. I went with the smaller mesh and that seems to work the best. At least for me.

      Also if you don't like the clip look you can get come acrylic and cut it into squares and epoxy them to the corners of the screen. they will sit on the tank and i think it looks better IMO
    12. Deereef
      Thank you Liz for hosting and delicious snacks:)
    13. Chromis
      Thanks everyone who attended the screen workshop for making this a fun event! Special thanks to @daddio for bringing extra tools, @ddrueckh and @Yippee for providing drinks, and I know I missed a couple folks that I didn’t see come in with food and snacks. I think @peter_b wins most expert screen award, did anyone get pictures? Thanks all!
    14. ddrueckh
      Thank you for hosting. Not only was it great to make a screen top, I really enjoyed hanging out and talking to other members.
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    15. Apon
      Thanks for Hosting Liz, Nice to meet some new faces. I did take some pics - enjoy

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    16. Ibn
      Liz, thanks for hosting. Good company as usual and your new tank looked spectacular!
    17. Chromis
      @Ashalye and @coral4me, and @Deereef, I am holding your screen materials, PM me for pick-up.

      If there are any leftover parts after that I’ll return what I can to Home Depot and return the $ to the club, so let me know if anyone needs a new screen part (like you found out your screen was too small).
    18. NanoCrazed
      QQ -- anyone know if they make corner inserts with routed groove on the outside corner? literally the missing last piece to me finishing this screen.

      Thought I would ask before recutting this with a 45-degree miter and cold welding... hate to waste material if I don't have to.

    19. scuzy
      3d print one. :)

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    20. NanoCrazed
      Heading out to pick up a 3d printer for thing in the morning! :)

      I actually just decided to hack a standard corner by clipping the wings flush so that it can be inserted upside down. Will probably just glue the bit of spline to it and call it a day.

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