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Discussion in 'Equipment' started by VietNR1, Jan 27, 2010.

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    Hey All,

    So I decided on a 3x80w bulb IceCap system from Neptune (thanks Robert!). He gave me two AquaBlue Specials and a Blue Plus bulb. I also orderd the Powerbrite LEDs. After seeing Jason's (Eight) tank with just the Powerbrites on (super blue...check out the pic!), I'm wondering if it will be a good idea to get a Fiji Purple for the reds or maybe even a 6500K bulb for growth. I like my tank with a slightly bluer tint so thats why I went with the AquaBlue and Blue Plus but after seeing the PowerBrites I'm a little worried about it being TOO blue. Any recommendations?

    Also what about bulb placement? I'm not sure if the PowerBrites should be closest to the front or somewhere in the middle of the other bulbs because they really make corals pop....please help!!!



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    I can't speak for the powerbrites placement but if you add a 6500K bulb you won't have much blue left. 2 blue + and 1 Aquablue will give you a blue hint but not strong blue. don't expect to get the perfect combo for your 1st attempt, in 6-12 months when you replace a bulb, you can try a different combo to see what satisfies your tastes.

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