C. heraldi picking on Bangaii's

Discussion in 'Fish and Invertebrates' started by A_Lee, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. A_Lee

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    So, I added a small C. heraldi to my tank, which currently houses a pair of Bangaii cardinals. Overnight the dwarf angel started picking on one of the Bangaii's. I added more live rock to the tank, and am currently floating the dwarf angel in a kritter keeper container, with an airstone.
    I didn't think the dwarf angel would react this way towards the Bangaii's. Is there any chance they will get along?
  2. tuberider

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    I've never seen a dwarf angel behave like a model citizen, either they're eating coral or they're pecking at their tankmates, real little jerks if you ask me.
  3. GreshamH

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  4. A_Lee

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    Thanks Jeremy, and Gresham for your thoughts :)
    I am considering evicting the Bangaii's ...
    This tank has no coral, so that is not an issue.
    I've never had a tank with just fish, and I've always been too cautious to bother adding a dwarf angel to any of my reef tanks, so I a really love this guy. I didn't know they had this problem though :(
  5. Ibn

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    Try to leave the heraldi in the container for the time being. Some guys call it socializing so that the fish see each other and in a way gets used to each other. Might work or might not, but if you really want them together, worth a shot.
  6. A_Lee

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    Thanks Eric! :)
    As of yesterday morning when discovered the mischievous behavior I put the heraldi angel into a kritter container with some airline into the tank. So the Bangaii's are good for the time being, though they didn't eat yesterday, probably due to stress :(
    How long can I leave the heraldi in this container for? Of course I am making sure the angel gets food.
  7. Ibn

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    A week or so if the angel is getting food.

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