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Discussion in 'Equipment' started by Kmooresf, Jan 6, 2012.

  1. aqua-nut

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    I saw it! I was trying to hide the drool. :)
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    lol...Ian does make cool regulators.
  3. aqua-nut

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    Why is it just ok? Is that a way of saying you have had no issues? :)
    What would you like it to do to get to 'It's great'?
    What problems have you had with it?

    How long does it take to go thru the 16 gal. of Calk+Alk?
    What dosing pumps are you using? How do you control them?

    That's all my questions (for now :) ).

    Thanks for all the input. And my apologizes to Kris for the hijack...
  4. aqua-nut

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    How much Kalk do you add to the TO water?
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    A bunch in a 5 gal bucket adding more as I top off the bucket. It sits at saturation so I just clean the bucket out every couple of weeks
  7. rygh

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    Issues I had:
    * The early versions had reservoirs that were too small. Had to fill them every few days.
    * It seems to raise that salinity a bit. Easily fixed with water changes, so minor.
    * When using Sodium carbonate, tended to spike my PH up a bit.
    But no serious problems, and no plans for any changes.
    I guess I consider any routine maintenance "ok", never "great"

    I can go about 4 weeks when containers are full. A vacation requirement.
    I usually just fill them a couple of gallons each week.
    Note that I do mix at much lower concentration than normal.
    Largely because I use baking soda now. But it also doses with
    less chemical surge, mixes faster, and stays in suspension better.

    I used the standard BRS dosing pumps. (larger 1.1ml ones)
    I used to use a reef angel to control them. Worked well.
    Switched to a home made controller (for fun).
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    Thanks, everyone should have one haha.
  9. iani

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    Didn't make the meeting this past sat. Let me know if you want to go the stainless regulator route. It won't be cheap but it will last you a long time. An all stainless reg with swagelok parts (fittings, check valve, and metering valve) and a stainless solenoid would probably cost in the 400-450 dollar range. Nice stainless parts are expensive. Some parts as simple as a street elbow can cost 25 dollars after tax.
  10. Kmooresf

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    Ok, so what I have gathered with some additional reading..............

    Two part dosing seems to work well. However..........Having a Calcium reactor seems primarily to limit the amount of regular maintenance (ie......weekly, or more). I am not a lazy guy (no one in this hobby can be truly lazy..LOL) however I am VERY good about doing a "TANK day" about once a month. Spend several hours doing a deep clean on skimmers, water changes, getting the heavy algea off the glass, blow off the rocks and sand to clear the detritis, change out carbon, etc. I am HORRIBLE at daily perams regularly, adding suppliments. I do it, but not on a regular schedule. Part of this is from my odd work schedule and part is just motivation. Sry, just being honest.

    So I think I am gonna put out the cash upfront to make my life a little easier in the long run. Although it seems as time goes on that I might end up doing some dosing anyway when the tank has "giant sticks and plates are ramming into each other all over the place!" Oh yeah, that's what I'm talking about. :davie:

    @Ian, thanks for the advice on the regulators. I think I am gonna stick with brass at this point. Need the money right now. I may upgrade in a few years. ;) Thanks.

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